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  1. Hi any clued on the floor set up, how do i get the floor to lay on top as opposed to it being like on the wall?

    Hope you had a good weekend.



    i attached a screen shot, it should be herringbone, but its just lines argh

    Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 17.44.59.png

  2. Sorry.....Bob, I have another VW question, I have a floor in this room, where I applied the wall finish (successfully, thanks to you!) however I have made the floor approx 200mm depth, but instead of the finish going onto the floor its going onto the side, do you know how I can change this, I have tried the attribute mapping. i can't seem to change the direction to lie on the floor, any tips?



  3. its pretty weird here as all restaurants are closed and stores. yes on line is available, but its tricky when you realise there is something you need or want to get a birthday present..... but hopefully if we all stay in we can avoid contaminating each other an the virus will dissipate... until there is vaccine or ... well or whatever, its a strange feeling, the lack of global travel and the pressure that our economies are under, I feel for small businesses, plus a huge project of mine has been out on hold until we don't know when, I hope on the other side we will find new joy in small pleasures, like liberty. We can pretty much go where we want though there is little to be getting to.... out walking running cycling, but it would probably not be a good idea to drive 50 miles ... Im in Surrey, very few cases, we are pretty protected here. 


    I may have more questions... Sorry!

    Enjoy your weekend, weather good?

    its cheering up here, so looks like barbecue weather on Sunday.



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  4. OMG.... thank you , the attribute mapping worked... well to an extent, its not exactly the shape but its a "seeable size" you have really made my day.... YAY, happy friday.

    Thank you so much.


  5. Hi that's really helpful, yes i have rendered it, not open gl, will see if the decal can work, though even those seem to come up in a weird ratio... will see how i go , really sppreciate your help, sorry I may be back to annoy you again.

    Have a great weekend, assuming you are in lockdown too. stay well. 🙂

  6. Hi there

    Im trying to render a wall in 3d using an image, i have imported it as an image to the resource browser plus I have imported it as a texture in resource browser but it comes inas a tiny element, so i need to zoom in 100's of times so i can see it... it comes as a blur of green until i am zoomed in. Any ideas on how I can ,make this the size and ratio to the image?

  7. Hi there

    im designing a hair salon/parlour and need elevations or 3d's of wash basins, for hair washing.

    can anyone direct me to a library?

    Im under urgent deadline, any help would be great.


    im using Vectorworks 2018-fundamentals

  8. Hi there

    Thank you so much, i have found the selection menu.  Do you know how to make a corner.

    I have attached what seem to be my options, I'm not sure how to make a corner, I have built stairs before from similar bu this does not seem to allow me the option....your knowledge greatly received.



    pls see screen shot of my options


    Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 16.00.19.png

  9. Hey guys

    Thanks for your input....now i have found an inserted the railings.... this is elementary but can you tell me how to edit the length., i see an option to edit the top, ie height, which seems to be a standard of 900mm.....i need to edit some railing lengths to  fit to my decking





  10. Please Help!!

    I have a due project, I am working on VW2014. I had some alternative seating styles in my resource browser, but cannot access them. its says they are not compatible with VW2014. I urgently need to draw banquette seating for a restaurant. Can anyone advise or point where to go to find other style of seating, there are 4 in my default but they are not appropriate, please please help.



  11. hi

    can anyone help, Im trying to get some kitchen equipment for a drawing, deadline is looming, I don't have time to draw details pots and pans, can t seem to find any on my VW library, is there a good place to get some images?

    Pls help


  12. I am using Vectorworks architect 2013, I need some hedges, obv. I dont have landmark or access to those libraries, is there any way I can buy a hedge and shrubs. I have a deadline for tuesday, I have tried using artlantis hedges, they are not so great!!! HELP PLEASE


  13. Does anyone know how to ensure that the glazing in the window, stays as a separate class?

    I have, within the window settings set the glass area to a clear glass render class, yet it shows as a grey solid in open gl!!!!

    Im really stuck as i want to export the file to Artlantis, under real pressure!! big deadline, really lost...would appreciate any help.


    im using VW2013, Fundamentals on a mac


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