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  1. I see. So this very basic and necessary feature, that is common to any other piece of software i've ever used, is NOT part of VW. go nemetschek. Thanks though, got it to work just fine
  2. Sorry, noob here. Is this a script or a plugin? Not sure what to do with it.
  3. So i've opened a file from my recent files list and i want to bring up the file properties from within the file. I've been through all the menu options and there is not (as far as i can see) any document/file properties option to bring up. How do i find out where this file is located?
  4. Hmm, ok, i think that only works with overlapping 3D objects. I'm dealing with 2D rectangles with a fill (that's just the way they do it in this office). Is there perhaps a view setting so that everything (even 2D filled shapes) is seen in wireframe? I think that would solve my problem.
  5. Great! now is there a way to swap it so that's the default setting? Is there a way to make the selection tool not select something that i am hovering over? ie, I have a several small rectangles sitting inside a larger rectangle and i want to select the smaller ones with a marquee. if i'm zoomed in and try to draw a selection marquee around the them, it instead grabs and moves the larger one in the background. how can i work around this without having to zoom all the way out?
  6. Can i change the cursor/selection settings so that everything that is even partially covered by the marquee is selected? Ideally i want it to behave like the AutoCAD selection tool, where a marquee drawn from right to left will select anything completely covered by the marquee but when drawn from left to right it will select anything that the marquee touches? I am constantly frustrated when i want to select a small part of a drawing/group and have to zoom all the way out in order to find a empty space to start drawing the marquee so i don't accidentally move items behind what i want to select.
  7. Ahh, ok. Wonderful thankyou ... although it does seem a bit of a tedious way to do such a simple thing. Is the 2D reshape tool really the closest thing to AutoCAD's 'stretch' command?
  8. Hi How can i move a door, in wall, that has 1 wall type on 1 side and a different wall type on the other side? ie, i have drawn an office with a section of glazed partition to the left of the door. to the right of the door is a solid partition. i now want to move the door half a meter to the left. When i try doing this i end up with half a meter of glazed partition to the left of the door. but i want the solid partition to stretch across with the door. can anyone help me with this please?
  9. Ahh ok. I have now managed to align my leaders by the label point, but the label points are all on the right hand side of the text (leaders are to the left of my elevation). How can i modify the leaders so the label point is on the left? I want the first letter of each piece of text to align vertically, when placed on the left of my elevation (i know this is very specific, but i can do it in AutoCAD and i'm a stickler for neat formatting)
  10. I've tried that and i can't get it to do anything. At best it asks me to draw a line for reference and then does nothing, or complains that the line should not be horizontal.
  11. New to VW coming from AutoCAD. I've just drawn a bunch of callouts to note some things on an elevation, now i want to align them so that the beginning of each bit of text aligns vertically. I've set the text alignment to always justify left and tried using the 'align/distribute' tool to move them into place. What it does is aligns the left most point of the 'max text width' box. this is nice but the text does not justify to this point (even though it's left justified). Is there a way to set the text box width to fit the text? This would then work with the align tool i think. Ok, i've figure out that after drawing the callouts i can then manually adjust the text box size to fit each bit of text and then use the align tool, but this seems inefficient to me. Any tips? Oh, and i've also noticed that using the align tool moves the entire callout, not just the tex box, which means i then have to adjust the arrows again.


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