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  1. John A

    radial stairs

    I don't see a curved stair template under custom stairs. Again, am i overlooking something?
  2. John A

    radial stairs

    I am trying to draw a set of monumental stairs that are on a radius (curving, not straight. I don't see a stair template for curving stairs. Am I overlooking somnething?
  3. I have generated a sloping sidewalk by creating a pad via site modifiers. But I can not seem to get any textures/ solids to render the surface. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks J Wallace, I got the slope to work with the site modifier/ pad routine. But now I can't get the surface to render either in 3d or plan view. Am I overlooking something?
  5. Vectorworks newbie here. Is there a simple way to slope a sidewalk from point a to point b in 3d? Thanks.
  6. One thing I have determined, a number of the polygons from the dwg file imported as 3d polygons and have varying z coordinates. I have never had this happen when importing dwg files before.
  7. I am trying to import an Autocad file, which is easy. But when you pop the dwg background up as an isometric, it is in three widely varying vertical layers (like 3 different z coordinates?). I have looked back at the import settings but don't see what I should do differently. Am i overlooking something to bring the file in as a flat plane?
  8. It worked, thank you for your help!
  9. I imported an image prop of a person successfully, but it has a rectanglar black background behind it. How do you eliminate the background? I tried editing the mask options, but grew confused (not unusual.Help!
  10. I want to add text to the vertical surface of a curving wall (letters on the wall). I can't find any info on that. Can anyone help?
  11. Thanks to you both. Tasmin, I had just figured that out on my own before you replied. I find that regarding computer software (especially Autocad) if I bang my head on the table long enough, I figure things out.
  12. In my camera shot, the view beyond the limit of my project (the street and buildings across the street) renders as the color of the sky. Is there a way to mask that surface, make it black or some neutral color? Thanks
  13. Vectorworks novice here. I am applying all these great images to pavement surfaces, but they show up white in 3d. I am only seeing limited render textures available. Is there a way to turn these images into textures or otherwise get them to show up in 3d?
  14. John A

    ghosted trees

    suddenly, my trees in plan view have no color, just the black line work and you can't click on them. They are there, they show up in 3-d, but again you can't click on them. Anyone?
  15. Trying to set the location and height for a camera shot. A box pops up saying 'Object creation failed due to invalid parameters". I can't find any info on this?


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