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  1. You will have to edit the symbol, but first you will have to make it a 3d only symbol.

    1. Rename the symbol something else ao you aren't messing with symbols that don't need editing.

    2. Go to top/plan view, right click the symbol and select edit.

    3. Select everything and CUT. Exit the symbol and it will be 3d only. It should look the same whether you are in top view or top/plan view.

    4. Go to the top view and edit the sybmol again. Then switch to a side view, select the part you want to rotate (you may need to ungroup one or more times) and rotate.

    5. If you don't need the 2d part of the symbol you are done. If you do, go to top/plan view and paste the 2d part back on top of the 3d part. Select both parts and create a new hybrid symbol.

  2. Yes, That price is for the C4D XL bundle which includes bodypaint 3D, MOCCAA, Advanced render and the dymanics plugin. The base package is $600. Unless you need to do really advanced animation or rendering you will be fine with the base package.

  3. Have you considered using Cinema 4D for making animations? I have been using it since they released the plug-ins for seamless transfer between VW and C4D. It is very inexpensive and you can create all of your geometry in VW export, render, go back to VW and make changes, then update the file in C4D. It's great! btw - projecting gobos and creating lighting effect is MUCH easier and more powerfull in C4D. VectorWorks is a great CAD package, but it's rendering and animation tools are in the dark ages compared to some other apps out there.

  4. Go to File>Preferences>Vectorworks Preferences and click on the display tab, there is a setting for displaying light objects in wireframe only.

    To get rid of the pink circle you will have to turn off the grid. Page>Set Grid>Show grid lines.

    [ 03-14-2003, 05:09 PM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

  5. After further research it has something to do with hybrid objects. I can start with a new doc, make a simple hybrid and it happens.

    2d only and 3d only objects print just fine.

    I have tried re-installing acrobat.

    [ 03-06-2003, 12:11 PM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

  6. I am having problems making pdf's with Acrobat 5.0.1. It works fine with other apps. When using the 'pdf writer' printer objects are moved all over the page. When using distiller is takes 10-15 minutes to print with the same result. It is not specific to any one file.

    Any ideas?




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  7. Yes, it has been worked on on both mac and PC, and both have the OTF installed. I have not checked to see if the problem is present on the Mac but I will.

    I also do a a bit of adding and removing fonts. However, the font in question has been on my system throughout the life of this document.

    Thanks for the help on this. I will try removing and re-installing the font.

    [ 12-23-2002, 10:37 PM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

  8. I am using an open type font for drafting. This has worked fine for quite some time, however, this week everytine I open a drawing with this font it is replaced with Arial. I can change the font back to the one I want, and I can use the font at will and it works fine. But if I close and re-open the drawing it is again replaced with Arial. I do not get a font mapping screen when I open it and it does not show up in the "edit font mapping" screen.

    Any ideas?

  9. I am rendering a fairly simple drawing and watching the amount of phisical memory on my computer that is free.

    While rendering VW/RW uses quite a bit of memory. After switching back to wireframe the amount it is using goes down, but not all the way back down. Each time I render I have less and less memory until, after 8 or 9 renders, I am smack out of my gig of RAM and rendering time goes up.

    Does anyone know why VW/RW is behaving this way?

  10. You can get a Dell Dimension 8200 with a P4 2.53 GHz. processor, 1 GB RDRAM, 40 GB HD, and an NVidea Geforce 4 Ti 4200 for $1800. I just got one just about like this and it is great.

    Welcome to the dark side!

  11. Hmmm....Still having a problem. I re-installed Acrobat 5.0.5, now I am not getting the failed to print error, and distiller is working, but it takes 10-15 minutes for a simple drawing, and it is jumbling text and not printing any patterns.

    The pdf writer printer works fine, but I want the higher resolution and greater control of distiller.

    [ 11-15-2002, 09:25 AM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

  12. I have tried Acrobat 4.0.6 and 5.0.5. I can select it as a printer, but it just sits at the "printing page 1" dialog. The bar doesn't move it just freezes and I get the "document failed to print error".

    [ 11-14-2002, 03:14 PM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

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