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  1. I am running spotlight 9.5b7 on Win XP PIII 933 512MB. I have tried to upgrade to the final 9.5 with both the web installer and with the full download. Whenever I do it I get a message that I don't have permission and to log on as administrator. I have an administrtor account. (I am POSITIVE about this.) I have tried using a different account and have even tried in safe mode. The same thing always happens.

  2. I have never used WYSIWIG but have heard lots about it and it sounds too good to be true. How is it possible that WYSIWIG can do all of this rendering and raytracing hooked up to a console in real time when it takes every other program in the world quite some time to render a scene? I have seen some examples of renderings and they look OK, but it is my uninformed opinion that there must be something inherently "cheesy" about the rendering engine.

  3. I have run into this as well and have a crude but effective workaround. For me the problem only comes up when inserting the doors into walls it works fine when placing doors out in the middle of nowhere. I place a door, draw a rectangle with solid fill but no line over it, group them then place it over the wall. The door then appears to be inserted in the wall. You might have to play with sending things forward and backward to occlude the wall but show the door and it only works in plan veiw but it got me by.

  4. I am running VW9.5b7 on Win XP, PIII 933, 512MB. I am fairly new to the world of 3D modeling but have spent some time in VW, 3DS Max 4, and Artlantis. I am finding that I thoroughly enjoy creating things and applying textures to them in Vectorworks. (I particularly like the added ability to manipulate shaders in 9). However I am getting continually frustrated with a couple of things. My current project is a tradeshow booth with lots of different images applied to lots of different faces. I find the lighting rather hard to work with. I use mostly spot lights and when I insert them I get the line to aim the light but I get such jerky movements that it renders it mostly useless so I just insert it then adjust the pan and tilt. It is difficult to tell where the light is pointing without rendering the scene. A simple cone showing the beam would be very nice. (see 3ds max)

    I try using openGL to get an idea of what my lights are doing but they look completely different in OpenGL, fast renderworks, and final render works. The only way I can see whats really going on is with custom renderworks with a few things turned off. It is very time consuming to render the scene after every little light adjustment. I work in an office where I am the only one doing this so my only sources for support are the manuals and this board. I would be very interested to hear how some of you approach lighting.

    The other problem I am having is with mapping textures. Sometimes while mapping the preview window will stop updating automatically and the alignment lines will disappear. I have to move the texture and click preview every time. This makes it virtually impossible to get it right if it is aligned to the wrong plane as it often is.

    I do not think this is normal as it does it only on occasion.

    I hope I am missing something basic about these two parts of the program.

  5. I was applying the graphic as a texture. Is there a way to make the graphic conform to the curvature of the object without applying it as a texture? I guess I could make another object that has the same curve but then you could see the edges of the new object.

  6. I am trying to put a graphic on a half barrel shaped sign that will hang over a trade show booth. The graphic needs to be on both sides of the object. Is there a way to apply 2 images to an object? I would like to avoid having to make one graphic showing both sides as is is difficult to get the spacing right.

  7. I am running VW9.5b on a PIII 933 with 512MB and win98. Sometimes I keep the system monitor running while working. When I start I have 350+ MB free and the longer I work (with nothing else running) the more memory is used until after a few hours all the free memory is gone. Any ideas?

  8. I am having trouble placing gobos in a drawing. I have renderworks and the settings are as described in the manual, however when I use the gobo projector tool I get only a light most of the time. Sometimes I get a light and a rectangle that claims to be a projector but the rectangle is 3 or 4 feet away from the light. About 1 in 10 times it will work fine.

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