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  1. Thanks for this Pat, this is Fantastic. I reckon I'm about 70% there, but I haven't done much with Script Editing in VW, and it's taking sometime to find the appropriate Topics, procedures/functions. Let me know if you have any further luck. Cheers
  2. Thanks Pat, FYI I am running the latest Version of VW, that being 2020 SP3.1 Would have been nice to have been able to update from a worksheet, but I guessed there was little chance of that. I'll look further into your suggestion. Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing where to begin. Cheers
  3. Hi Pat, I have a symbol library of approximately of 300 Hybrid Symbols. Over time updates have been made to the symbol library, and in some cases, classes have been changed to the 2d part of the symbol but not the 3d, resulting in multiple classes with in the symbol. Essentially it's a tidy up exercise, and having a document that displays all classes within each symbol will make the task of tidying up far easier, rather than delving into each symbol and checking both the 2d and 3d components.
  4. Any one know if it is possible to create a Report that lists Multiple classes with a symbol?
  5. Thanks Tom, I'll follow your suggestion. In addition to adding Prolyft, it'd be great if GIS chain hoists could also be added. Cheers Andrew
  6. Anyone know how to create additional hoist manufactures in addition to the standard VW list?
  7. I am using a spotlight light fixture focused on an object. In open GL render the object is illuminated, yet the object is not lit in any other render mode. Am i missing something??


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