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  1. No rectangle. I don't see it on the plot anywhere. I didn't change anything, but did fill in some blank fields. Maybe that caused the problem. I deleted it in LW and added it again. This time I only put in a channel in LW and it seems ok. Thanks
  2. I exported to LW and none of the fields were filled in, so I filled them in in LW. Going back to VW, the I-cue is now invisible. It seems to be there, at least in LW, but it's been hosed in VW. How do I get it to display again?
  3. That worked. I went there before, but for some reason it wouldn't let me change it. Is there a difference between "Static Accessory" (which is the iris) and just plain old "Accessory?" Now that I've inserted it, how do I set the channel/dimmer? That is not in the Light Info Record.
  4. I selected the I-cue and right clicked. There is no "attach record" but there is an "attach..." that brings up a menu with "Light Info Record" as one of the options. That option is already checked, but I select it and click "OK." Nothing happens. So I uncheck it. Nothing happens. I go back and check it again. Nothing happens. I'm back where I started and the I-cue is still not working. When I select "Edit" I go to the 2D symbol (since I don't have a 3D) and under the "Data" tab, one of the Record Formats is "Light Info Record." That seems promising so I check it and a bunch of empty "Record fields" appear below. One of those is "Device Type" I must be close on the trail! But it won't let me fill in any device type. This seems to be an output only field. Clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking all have no effect. When I click the iris accessory and go to the edit, it shows object info with the type "Static Accessory." It has some other fields filled in too. I still can't edit from this menu, but I can see it has been updated. I'm confident in one of the hundreds of menus there is a way to do it, but none of the obvious things that I would try do anything whatsoever. Is this the one where you have to turn the monitor upside down and press the cntrl-shift-tab-esc-del simultaneously? I still don't see any way to access the Lighting Symbol Maintenance for the item in the Resource Browser.
  5. It's never too late. I learn something from every show. I imported the I-cue for some earlier show, but I don't recall where I found it. Next show it will be fixed... I hope. Spotlight > Reports > Lighting Symbol Maintenance doesn't work for me. Do you know what it is/was for 2012? I found I can right-click on the instance of the I-cue > Edit, select "Light Information tab" and then change it to accessory, but that only works for the one instance, not the general case. Right-clicking on the accessory in the resource browser doesn't get anywhere. There is an "Edit" option, but that doesn't lead to the maintenance page. It doesn't seem to be in the spotlight menu. Google and Bing can't find it. I'm sure it's blatantly obvious with five different ways to get there, but I just don't see it.
  6. As best I can determine (and I'm a VW novice) the label legend is on a layer with scale 1:48, the same layer as the instruments. Anything I select is on that layer. The text style doesn't seem to have a layer associated with it. All my layers have the same scale.
  7. Sure. Can you point me to the procedure to send a test symbol?
  8. Thanks. I was clicking outside the instrument, but I forgot the third click for the association. That fixed it! Oops... that fixed it for the iris. I am trying to add an I-cue and it didn't fix that. It didn't fix it for a template symbol either. 😞 Could it be that the instrument is a 2D/3D symbol and the accessory is 2D? I see the iris is a 2D/3D symbol, but the Icue and template are 2D.
  9. Thanks for the input. I tried to start over and decided it was more trouble than I thought. When I have more time, I'll try again. Meanwhile, I'm keeping the old file and I decided to create a new Label Legend. Surprise! It works. I can't modify the old ones, but I can create new ones. As I did this, I found several new problems. The gobo1 field did not go to the position I chose; it was overwriting the channel number. I played with it, but no luck. Then I moved it to the side of the instrument instead of the top and bingo, it displayed correctly. Then I edited again an moved it to the top where it was initially, and it now worked just fine. I don't know what I did to cause or to fix the problem, but it's fixed. I tried to use the Text Styles for the color, dimmer, channel, etc. For some reason the font size comes up at 0.2 pt even though the style says 8pt or 10pt or something bigger. It copies the other things from the style correctly and when I change the font size, it works ok except the text is no longer linked to the Text Style. I thought it must be a problem with the text style, but when I went to edit it, everything is correct in the style. I don't know what makes this wrong, but I think whatever it is may be related to the initial problem. I recall a while back editing the label legend and getting the text style problem. I think I saved it anyway to see what would happen, and then when it didn't work I tried to edit it again I ran into problems selecting it, etc. I played around with it a lot trying to get it to work, but I think the damage was confirmed once I save the label legend with the funny text style problem. Maybe I need to replace all the Text Styles too. If so, it's still better than creating the whole theater plan from scratch. Update: I tried to create a text style from the text in the label legend and it created it in 8 pt, but applied it to the font at 0.2 pt and it promptly shrunk to a point. I guess I can't use text styles. The style itself is 8pt, but when it gets applied, it shows up as 0.2pt. More update: The original problem was caused by the instrument symbol being assigned to the None class, which wasn't displayed. Displaying it fixed the problem.
  10. Apparently more than one file is corrupted since I went back to an old show and I have the same problem. I fear I have to start the drawing over from scratch. Making legends in another file and importing them isn't practical long term. Maybe that will clean up some other problems too. Is there any way to copy portions of an old file into a new one without having to create everything from scratch?
  11. I thought double clicking the accessory activated the tool. When I do that and click the instrument it inserts the accessory. I have to click a second time to set the orientation. However, when I do that, the accessory doesn't seem to be associated with the instrument. It's in the drawing, but not associated with the instrument.
  12. I tried to insert an iris in a S4 instrument using the symbol insertion tool, but it doesn't get attached to the instrument. When I move the instrument, it just stays there. Same thing for other accessories. They appear on the drawing, but not associated with the instrument. I double-click on the iris to get the tool. It does the same thing if I drag the iris from the Resources panel. What am I doing wrong?
  13. When I edit the Label Legend layout, there is no reference symbol, just a vertical line where the symbol ought to be. In some legends I can select the line, others not. When I can select it, I tried to replace the instrument, but that didn't fix it and caused every instance of that legend to have its instrument replaced. Undo didn't fix it. I had to go clean it up manually. When I start a new file, it works correctly. 2D labels VW2012
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