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  1. Thanks, I find the responses on this forum to be extremely helpful.
  2. I have a tall wall with fixed glass windows above sliding glass doors. I used the window tool to insert the windows into the wall above the doors. I tried sending the windows to the background so that I can view the doors in plan view but that did not work. Is there a way to do this?
  3. How do I wrap the finish around the end of a wall when using the wall tool?
  4. I have created a roof using the create roof tool and rendered it but the 3D model does not show the roof rendered in unified view, just the floors below. How do I view the full rendered model?
  5. I have a drawing of existing walls with door and window openings. My new design will retain the wall and infill the existing openings. Is there a way to delete the window/door but retain the opening to illustrate the area to be infilled?
  6. How do I create a dimensional opening in an interior wall.
  7. I am a new user to Vectorworks and I am trying to create a shed roof that intersects a gable roof using the "create roof" function. Can someone explain how?
  8. I am a new user and working through the Architect Tutorial Manual. After creating the property line I am trying to revise the text size automatically created by the tool. I do not see the blue handle described in the movie and have tried changing the text through Format Text. Any suggestions?
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