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  1. Thanks Bryan & Tamsin. I did try the duplicate/offset, and with some work on the spacing that turned out well enough. I will give the wall tool a try as well. Renee
  2. Thanks much for the prompt reply Monadnoc - that took care of the border problem. Hopefully someone else out there will know how to address question 2. R.
  3. Sorry for the newbie question, and hoping the community can help. I'm trying to use the hardscape tool to create two pathways in Landmark: 1. Irregular width curved pathway with a border on the sides, but not top or bottom, with a 4x8 basketweave paver fill. I can get the fill and border, but since I'm working in boundary mode due to the irregular width, there doesn't seem to be a way to limit the border to only the sides of the path. Am I missing something or is there a work around? 2. Curved path with running bond hatch fill, no border - how to get fill to follow curves of path? Or is this a job for another tool? Renee


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