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  1. IF you mean the Detail Bubble tool, it is because the tag, or symbol, or marker (whatever you call the bugger) does not contain anything other than a single digit. I need to input a drawing number and a sheet number. I started by using the Detail Bubble but got tripped up with the whole parts lists, bill of material lists thing - which is not how we are creating our drawings and specs. The reference marker seemed pre-configured for this activity. However, I need to adjust the location of the text in the symbol, but like I mentioned, when opening the symbol to edit it, there is no text in it that I can see. Yet, when placing it, the symbol clearly has text attached to it. The symbol demonstrates no records attached, so it cannot be that....which means it is attached to the symbol some other way. But, how? CLARIFICATION TO ORIGINAL COMMENTS: I modified the section markers to include one that looked like a Detail Marker because I wanted a single tool to place a marker symbol and a line pointing to, or crossing through the detail I am referencing (in my project: baseboard details, casing details, crown moulding details, etc in elevation views) Hence my comments....however, this technique did not work for a few reasons. My question remains: how can I change the reference marker(s)? What file are they referencing, and how to affect change to the text (i.e. move it)?
  2. Hi All, I have searched thru many posts looking for an answer to what seems like an easy problem. I have determined I can open the Section Markers.vwx file to duplicate a symbol, which can then be edited to look the way I would like it to look. In my case, I chose a section marker and deleted the arrow so that I could have a "Detail" marker. It is not clear to me why this was not already an option for me, but I get the feeling it was and that I just did not find it. Regardless of that, I still need to modify it so that the Text will display within my "circle" without having to change the scale of the marker. I can do this by moving the text item up towards the center of the circle, but I cannot find how to do this. When I try to edit the source symbol, there are no text elements in the file. so, does anybody know how I can move the text (i.e. 3/A-500) of the Reference marker symbol? Or, for that matter, can anyone tell me how the circle and line gain the text to make it a reference symbol in the 1st place? How does it get linked to the text?!? thanks.
  3. Sorry if I ask an elementary question, but how do you add this to a workspace? I attempted to place this file in the application plug-ins folder, but when I launch VW (2008) and open the vector script plug-in editor it does not appear in the list. Further to that, how do I assign the plug-in to the context menu? thanks.
  4. Hi all, I have just learned about the custom selection tool and been experimenting with it. I am trying to select lines with specific settings - class, line style - to make a global change to them. However, once I have set the criteria, and the dialog box displays the large number of items selected, and hit "OK", all the items become unselected. In other words, the dialog box closes, and nothing is selected. Yes, I have the Select, or Select only option checked. So....what's the deal, why is there nothing selected from using this selection tool? My situation is this: I have many drafted elevation views with lots of groups that contain lines that were customized in terms of line style and color. I have made a new class with those specific attributes, and now I want to select all the lines - many of which are in groups - and move them to the new class, and change their attributes to be set "by class". Sometimes is works, but it clearly is not selecting them all even when selecting the boxes for symbols, and other things. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. Joe, i am not sure what you mean by "INSIDE the sheet border plug-in object". However, I am using the Dims/Notes toolset (Drawing Border) to place the title block. What I ended up doing was to re-create the title block, with a new name, and then I essentially started over with placing sheets in my file. The functionality seems to be working. Though, there clearly was an issue with the record file and symbols not updating when re-inserting the original title block. I am still pretty green and finding there a lot of things that I took for granted when using a different program. This is one of those things.... thanks.
  6. I do not understand how a group, or a symbol would assume that behavior. I inadvertently created that situation while developing a new title block, but I cannot replicate the behavior as I do not know what caused it in the first place. Here is what I am doing: using the detailing tool set I have inserted wood framing members (i.e. section views of studs, and blocking) and depending on what class is active when I insert them they assume either a red line color, or a green one (for example). what I want to know is how that behavior is created. In other words, I cannot find a detail that I want to insert, and need to create one to use. But, like the detailing toolset I want to be able to use it repeatedly and to have it assume class attributes when I insert it, or move it to a different class.
  7. Thanks. I understand what you are saying. However, I still do not understand how to generate, or create symbols that have attributes (i.e. line color, line thickness) that will change depending on which class a symbol is placed. Now, in AutoCAD, one would draw linework for a symbol (called blocks) on the class (called layers) 0 (zero), and then within a drawing file place the symbol on the desired class to assume the class settings. I see from using some symbols that this is what happens in VW, but I do not know how that is being controlled. Nor, can I find any particular area in the manual that explains best practices for the creation of of symbols. For instance, what is the idea behind using the class "none"?
  8. I am starting to draft some details for the 1st time using VW2008 (Architect) and I cannot figure out some things: What is the difference between Detail items found in the Detailing Toolset, and symbols dragged in from one of the Library files (i.e. 00_Detail_LG_Metal Framing)? Is there a way to bring more items into the Detailing Toolset - like metal studs, for instance? If not, I am wondering how to control the "symbols" dragged in from a resource so that the object inherits the attributes of the class that I place it on. In other words, a detail item placed from the Detailing Toolset will do this, but my symbol taken from the Library folder resources do not. Surely there must be a way to do this, but I am not sure where in the Manual to find this info. Any suggestions? thanks.
  9. Preface: I am a new user of VW 2008 Architect; have several years experience with Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. I am having issues with creating and implementing a custom title block: I created a custom title block and Record with both Project and Sheet specific attributes. However, when I place my title block into a file, the Project specific records do not become incorporated when I insert additional title blocks/drawing borders. Is there a specific location where I am to enter project specific information in order for this to work? Secondly, why does one line of text in title block inherit the attributes of the class the symbol is placed, while other text elements do not? this is actually an attribute that I would like for all symbols in general, but i was unaware that this is how VW works. What is controlling this behavior? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, or tips. mmiles
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