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  1. all right, i've reseted one more time the sun and with final quality renderworks, indirect lighting to normal (2) and hdri white it's working!!! it is a bit burned but I suppose that some settings could change that..... for those who have same problem I suggest them to clean there lights and put new ones. what do you think about this render? what should I do to make it better? thank you for helping me, I hope this will help others too.
  2. (does anyone know why I have to serenader all of my viewport when i reopen the file?)
  3. All right i tried in a new document and i suceed to see hard shadows in perspective view. i delete the old sun that i had put in my project and replace it with a new fresh one and miracle!! i can see hard shadows in perspective mode... but still have problem in section viewports were the render is really weird . I think the old sun was on a screen plane... I don;t really know what this mean. I'm trying to have a better render in the section view but have made many test of different settings and all of them have some weird circles inside.
  4. Hi, thanks! I have already looked at this post but it didn't help, I've put a sun in my document and i have tried to render with fast renderworks, custom renderworks and final quality renderworks but was unable to see hard shadows. I made a test once and the hard shadows were there but I never succeed to redo it.
  5. hi every one, it's my first post here, i'm jeremy, and i'm studying architecture for already 3 years. in five days I'll have the most important presentation to make of all my studies and i don't succeed to do hard shadows an soft shadows with renderworks in 3dimensions. i want to do a section were the background is in 3d rendered withs shadows but i need to show hard shadows and i don't know how to do it. i'm using vector works 2012 student version. does anyone have an idea? Thank's a lot I'am using a macbook pro 13"


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