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  1. Thanks for all the pm's guys. Got them converted by Brian so all is well :-)
  2. Ok i have had contact with the company, the said its Vectorworks 2010 that the files are created in so would anyone here be using that version???? If so i could email the files and get them converted to Vectorworks 2008. I would be very grateful if someone would help me out and i dont mind anyone keeping a copy of the symbols if they convert them for me.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It does not say on their website what version the files are for. Have a look on the link i posted. They do Vectorworks and Autocad symbols. I tried what you said there but it still wont open them. Their all .vwx files and all say Vectorworks 2008 drawing files but wont open. Its say this when i try to add to favourites: The following files do not appear to be Vectorworks drawing files, and therefore could not be added to the list of favorites. I may just have to contact the company tomorrow and see what they say. they cost 80 euros!!
  4. Hi all, Im new to the forum. Excellent forum by the way and i hope i can be of help to someone down the line but for now im in need of a little help!! I purchased some symbols from http://www.isymbol.eu/ but i cannot open them! i have vectorworks 2008 and vectorworks 12.5 but ive had no luck! If someone on here would be willing to give it a try for me and if they get them open i would be very grateful. Also if they could be re-saved as .mcd that would be brilliant. If you'd like to help me out please let me know and ill send you on the files. Thanks a million, Shane
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