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  1. I am using VW/SL 11.5.1 and have a question regarding a simple solid subtraction. Lets say I have a solid object and then I subtract something out of the middle essentially cutting it into two separate pieces. Is there a way to convert it into two separate solids? thanks!
  2. Good question Andy!!! So NNA...What's up???
  3. All, Thanks for the tips! It does indeed work to edit the PIO. Also, single clicking on the insert door icon then prefs gives the desired results! Thanks again!
  4. Hello All, This is probably a simple question, but I think I am experiencing some funkyness when I try to insert doors into a drawing. 1st. I double click on the door icon so the configuration window comes up. In this particular instance, all I need to change is the door width, which I do change to 1'6". I then go to insert the door into the wall and it is still listed at the default 3'. Am I missing something here? It is driving me crazy...or at least more crazy! Thanks for any help!
  5. When I have multiple lights selected, pretty much all you can ajust is the color and the intensity. Is there a way to select a batch of lighting units and globally adjust, say, the beam and field angles? Are there any plugins or VS goodies that would handle this?! Thanks,
  6. I am experiencing the same problem. This has been discussed on the Vectorworks-L mailing list!!
  7. I am trying to adjust the label information on individual units on my plot. I select the unit, but when I try to move, say, the color, I grab onto the information and it *looks* like its moving and I then release the mouse, but the data doesn't move. I am in the appropriate layer and class. Not sure what is going on! Thanks in advance for any help! [ 01-28-2005, 05:14 PM: Message edited by: td4stage ]
  8. Alanmac, My gripe is not neccessarily that they want to make a buck...that's there job. My gripe is that there are alot of things just sprung on the end user without much (or any) warning nor explanation. I have taught with Vectorworks since v8 (in the class room and for departmental/student production work), and every version til now was able to export back. With more people using the software now (that's good!)there will be a more diverse user base as regards to what versions are being used. I think that the ability to export to different older versions is fundamental to using the program. To differentiate between edu and pro...I would have choosen some higher end functinality help make that designation. As to what is educational use and what is not, I use the software in a CAD class every semester and I also use it for our Theatre Dept productions as well. For those not involved in educational theatre, work onstage, in the shop and at the computer is just as much an educational experience for the students as the classroom. I bet that I have had 5-10 students in the past couple of years buy VW because of seeing what it could do and then they wanting to learn for themselves. thanks,
  9. Thanks Katie. I appreciate your help (as I am sure others do!). But...Where, anywhere, was it noted that now in the edu version 11 you could only export to version 10? These little, "Oh we've changed *this*.", is getting REAL tiresome. *Why* exactly was this change made? I think I know why! Also, I am not too sure about the watermark. Where is it supposed to show up? I've printed a bunch of drawings now and have yet to see anything even close to resembling a watermark. This all seems very random! Still trying to figure out how to export and considering going back to acad!
  10. I am trying to export some v11 files to a coworker who uses v9. When I go to file>export, I am only given the option to export to v10. Reading the manual sounds like I can export (with limitations) back to v8. Any suggestions?
  11. Please excuse this question if it has been asked before (just point me in the direction of the correct thread!) I have just upgraded to v11 and think that viewports are pretty cool but I am having a couple of problems: 1. I would just like to make a viewport of a selected region of a drawing(at 3"=1'). The rest of my drawing is at 1/4"=1'. Is there a way to show the whole drawing on the design layer + the detail viewport? Or do I have to put the rest of the drawing in its own viewport? Currently I have everything else in its own viewport! 2. Relative to this, I cropped the detail viewport using an ellipse and it came out fine. But when I show the whole drawing there is not a "matching" ellipse to show where the viewport came from on the main drawing. Do I draw this ellipse in on the design layer or in the viewport of the main drawing? 3. Lastly, I made a view port of my border and titleblock (see #1 above!). When I show the whole sheet layer with all three viewports (main drawing, detail and border/titleblock), I still see, way zoomed out, my original design sheet with the border and titleblock still visible...just VERY TINY! I tried to make it invisible in the Design layers setup, but it is still there! Any help would be appreiciated! Thanks, [ 12-04-2004, 07:50 AM: Message edited by: td4stage ]
  12. So Nemetschek, is voumetric rendering on the horizon? As a theatrical lighting designer, having the ability to see the beam of light through a light haze is an important feature! Hopefully this will be coming soon! Thanks,
  13. I plan on putting 20 seats of sl + rw v11 in a lab. From what I've gathered there is a "network" usb dongle that attaches to one of the computers in the lab. If I wanted to move a couple of the above seats to a few different computers on campus (in a different room), would the dongle still recognize that. Does it sniff the entire network, or just a sub net? Thanks in advance,
  14. I am about ready to upgrade to sl + rw v11. I was wondering if there has been any atmospherics (fog, haze, clouds, etc.) added to this new version of rw? Thanks,
  15. I am wondering. Does anybody know if Tom Baer is going to publish a "v11" flavor of his wonderful manual? Is it possibly out? If anybody knows, or Tom, if you are out there, when is the new version coming out!!??
  16. I would like to be able to adjust the beam & field angles of certain lighting symbols, so that when I check "draw beams", it will give a good representation of the light. I have sat and stared at the manual all night and haven't been able to figure this out! Its kind of driving me crazy!!! Any help is appreciated!
  17. I am trying to insert twofers into my plot. I click on the ganging tool, then I select the first unit, then the second, then click to select the location of the twofer. When I do this, nothing shows up and "plugin object" appears in the OI pallette. If I try this in a fresh drawing, I do the same thing and this time the twofer appears and "twofer object" appears in the OI pallette. Any suggestions! TIA
  18. Nicholas, I just tried the cut 3d section! What a great tool! I am just bummed knowing that I wasted I don't know how many hours the past year, drafting sections from scratch! Thanks again,
  19. Hello All, I know that this isn't a lighting question per se, but I thought you might better understand my question! I have just finished a model of a show I have designed scenery for. It is time for me to make a centerline section and I am hoping that I could somehow use my model. Of course, as you all know, a CL section is essentially a drawing of the house and scenery with half of everything removed...usually based around the center line. In a best case scenario, I could remove everything on the model stage left of the CL, then view the model from the right side, looking at everything stage right of the CL. Has anybody found an easy way to accomplish this in VW and RW? TIA,
  20. Thanks Nicholas and Kaare, that makes perfect sense!
  21. I am a theatrical scenic designer and have been using VW/RW to awesome effect! There is one thing that I haven't been able to figure out. When I design a platform, I draw a rectangle or a polyline, extrude, then texture. But, for example, if I want to put a wood floor texture on the extrude and have it look "right" on the top of the platform, the sides of the platform do not look right. Conversely, if I can texture the sides of the platforms to look right, then the top looks wrong. I have limited experience with Lightwave and there you can texture all the different sides of the platform differently or independently. I am missing something in VW 10.5? Does anybody suggest a work around? Thanks,
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