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  1. I've been on my MacBook Pro now for about two years and I really do love it, but the one thing that is frustrating is five plus palettes (main drawing plus palettes)have to be adjusted almost every time I move from my external monitor to the laptop screen. I use the "Stay" app but that works on and off at best. I wish there would be an option to permanently attach all of the palettes together in a configuration then it is only one window that needs to be adjusted. If anybody has used it...I want it just like Photoshop CC2014.

    Also having the ability to dock the attributes palette to the top of the screen would be nice.



  2. I have a brand new macbook pro and am really liking it. I especially am liking the track pad gestures. The one challenge I am finding is, when drawing, I inadvertently drag two fingers across the track pad, I pan (either Horz or Vert) very quickly away from my drawing.

    Is there a way to disable this so that if I want to scroll, I use the scroll bars, if I want to pan, I use the pan tool and if I want to zoom, I use the zoom tool.

    If this could be done via Mavericks, Vectorworks or a third party app, I don't care.

    Thanks much!

  3. Sorry if this is the wrong forum...the printing forum doesn't get much traffic!

    Is anybody having a problem printing to pdf? I can export to pdf just fine. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro v9 (latest update). It has been awhile since I have printed to pdf but this is the first time I am having problems. Why to I "print" rather than export? File size and pdf quality. Oh yes, I seeing this in 2010 and 2011.


  4. When I am working on my light plots, I use the OIP to edit quite a bit of information. It seems that it would be real useful to have more OIP fields with prepopulated drop down lists. Right off the top of my head I could think of:


    Instrument Type

    Label Legend



    Pretty much, once a bit on information is typed in, say color, it is then available in the drop down and when you add a new color, IT is available as well. These seems like a no brainer and a great time saver!

  5. Just a follow up question. Is there some sort of command or tool that would quickly reset all layers to top/plan? Sometimes when I am working on a complicated drawing, I end up with all sorts of layers in different views. A "one-clicker" would be cool!

  6. Maybe it is only me, but when I have a lighting symbol selected, there is way more information in the OIP than I really need, OR the fields that I do need are at the top and bottom of the OIP. The best example for me would be between the "Purpose" and "Focus" fields. Purpose is right near the top and Focus is almost at the bottom.

    It would be nice to either be able to choose what I want displayed or to rearrange the contents.

    Who's with me?!!!


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