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  1. Thank you. So far so good on my trial. Imported DWG no problem other than not choosing correct scale. It is a pretty slow to load but runs fine so far. Opens my 11.5 files fine - that was a concern about which I did not ask. There are some wall joining differences that I don't understand yet but I have gotten around that for the sake of productivity.
  2. Accusations of in-articulation accepted.
  3. Wow! Maybe anyone here wouldn't know how to buy something which hasn't been for sale for 2 years Thanks, that is purchasing advice. Maybe a smart ass like you would realize the reference to 2009 was tongue in cheek after reading posts lamenting changes in 2011 relative to 2010 and 2009. Of course my topic is about purchasing advice on 2011 in spite of the fact that I have read that some here prefer not run that version (which is why one might consider trying to find 2009 to buy). How does it runs on a MacBook Pro? (IT = VW2011) How does it perform on dwg/dxf file exchange? (IT = VW2011) These are now rhetorical questions as I am running the trial version. Cheers!
  4. Wow! 94 views and no thanks to anyone here I have discovered a trial download to investigate for myself.
  5. ZOINKS! I see my answer in a few other threads! New Question. Any current way to get VW2009 as an upgrade from 11.5? One thing about Mini-Cad is it got faster and seemingly more efficient with every new version. Looks as if VW does not live up to that high standard.
  6. I have been a Diehl-Graphsoft/Nemetschek user since Blueprint in 1989. I have been using VW11.5 on my trusty 12" PowerBook G4 for several years now (yes I have draw working plans for 10k sq ft houses on that screen). My main machine is now a 13.3 MBP on which I cannot run 11.5. Looking for feedback on the move to 2011. I use CAD as a utility to assist me in simple to complex working drawings for custom homes as well as the odd mechanical engineering or industrial design HOBBY - such as designing a new bracket to hold my cellphone on my dashboard. I do not have much use for photorealistic rendering. Considering upgrading to VW2011 Fundamentals. One of the things I am hoping for is better dxf/dwg importing ie: Received dwg from Modular Home manufacturer and be able to snap and edit. Thanks in a advance for your feedback.
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