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    The problem is you can't just hit a button and combine these apps. Plus, I see Vectorworks very differently than ArchiCAD/AllPlan. I use Vectorworks for concept work (color 2D), 2D drawing, site planning, terrain and massing models, interior design detailing, marketing documents, and even component modeling (like many do with Sketchup). I use an app like ArchiCAD and AllPlan for my building information model. Even though VW can technically do this work, I think we all agree its not the best. Yet, it is the best for the items I use it for. I know a ton of people that use VW in ways Archicad etc wouldn't be considered - ie sound/trade show booth design/stage design etc etc...
  2. Johnny"c"


    Does anyone use AllPlan? To me it looks like the way to go for building modeler - then VW for concept and marketing stuff. I am seriously thinking of changing from Chief Architect to AllPlan. Those who think Chief Architect is a joke need to look more closely, but I think AllPlan is a better all around app. People that use Sketchup for their build models are nuts. I know Sketchup inside and out, and its a "dumb" 3D app. We need to have BIM tools to make our process faster and keep competitive. Certain architects use Sketchup in very "non-competitive" environments where they can spend 120 hrs on a residential house and still make a "wage". Permit docs are getting more and more complicated - we need to spend less time on routine items, and Sketchup has a "creation model" opposite to that goal. Kevin, Vectorworks as a tool can help in areas that I don't think many BIM apps even think important. I use VW to conceptualize, model parts, and render 2D work. Its the best app I have seen for this type of work-product. Its great they try to include Architectural tools - but they are failing in this regard. I find value in VW just for the ways I use it.
  3. Johnny"c"


    About 2 years ago I switched to Chief Architect as my "BIM" (even though its not really BIM) from Vectorworks. I was a user since Minicad 6. I still find Vectorworks very useful for my concept drawings and even modeling "objects" for Chief Architect. That said, I recently saw some info on Nemetchek's Allplan and I loved what I saw as a true BIM. Yet - they don't have a dealer in the US. I hope that changes, and I think if any of you guys look at Allplan you will be pleasantly surprised.
  4. You should consider upgrading VW. 2008 is a bit old, but I guess so is your OS...even though you have SP3. Ive noticed that things become more and more problematic the older the versions I try to run in today's world. Case in point your QuickTime issue.
  5. Sorry... I am on a iMac 27" i7 3.4ghz 8 gig ram, and a AMD Radeon 6970M HD with 2gig on that video card. Running Lion. Yes, 2011 on same machine and runs GREAT.
  6. I just downloaded the Trial version before I purchase, and when I open the program it gives me a light yellow background on my new document, and starts to zoom in automatically, and I cannot draw anything. I have no idea how to get around this. I just opened an existing drawing (from 2011), and it does the same thing. I cannot draw anything, and it starts zooming in.. What the heck>? JP
  7. Well, I am trying to extract the view my hatch fill so that I can then have lines to edit individually. I hope I am explaining it well enough... JP
  8. Could one of you experts please tell me if/how to "extract" a hatch fill so that the lines in the hatch are no longer just a hatch fill, but editable etc..? Thanks for your help guys! JP I am VW 2011 in OSX 27" IMac i7 8 gig ram


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