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  1. I've placed some floor unit in section pointing towards the ceiling at a 45 degree angle with a focus oint to match but when I hit draw beams I get a error message about the angle needs to be greater than 3 degree Anyone have a solution
  2. Does anyone have 9.5 symbols for Coemar Panarama
  3. How do you assign height to a truss? I've tried in the truss properties but when I go back to the truss in front elevation it's at 0 height Any ideas
  4. Having just received Spotlite, I wanted to see how it performs but I'm having trouble accessing the Label Manager to assign labels to lighting symbols Can any one tell me if I'm missing a necessary file When I try to assign labels I'm not able to view any labels or choices in the pop up menu In VW lighting sta. these labels pop up in the initial setting up of my plot Am I doing some thing wrong in spotlite? Please help as I'd like to experiment awile befor going to the seminar
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