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  1. I downloaded and installed 8.5.2b9. My directional arrow keys stopped working instantly. The left arrow and the down arrow still worked, but the right arrow and the up arrow stopped working. I bailed out and re-installed 8.5.1 to set everything straight. Thought administrators and others might want to know about this while it is still beta. PC-Win98
  2. Sorry guys, I need to ask again. I can't access the symbols file of the drawing file that is open. Enter, Open, and double-click doesn't work. I can open any of the other symbols file, but not the one I am in. Where I am going wrong? VW 8.5.1 on PC-PII233-128M RAM-Win98 Thanks,
  3. quote: Originally posted by Juan: Go to Resources Palette, find your VW file name and click this file, you'll find a list of symbols, records, worksheets, etc. Each type have a representative icon (check your manual), select the obsolete worksheets, records -whatever- and look your right bottoms and select -delete- (erase)..be careful.. this action can't be undo...ok? ---------------- J U A N Juan, my version 8.5.1 on PC-Win98 won't let me access the symbols folder of the mcd file that I have open. I can access others though. Open, Enter, double-click doesn't work. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? New user, Roger
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'll give it a try.
  5. I am a new user of VW but familiar with other CAD software. I am trying to follow steps set out in Learning Exercises 2-13 and 14. The instructions say "Select the file 2Dhouse.mcd from the bottom of the file tree list. Click Entrance Door 1 symbol." 2Dhouse.mcd is on the top, but no problem there. However there seems to be no way to Open, Enter, or otherwise access the symbol, Entrance Door 1. I can access other symbol files, but not the one in which am I working. FYI: Win98, PentiumII-233, Diamond Turbo3D Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks mucho. ------------------ New User Roger S...
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