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  1. Sorry it doesn't work, won't open anything. greetings!
  2. I can't upload an image, it doesn't work when i click on adding image
  3. Also, when i create walls on one design layer and then make a floorslab on another layer i can't see walls in 3d when floorslab is activated and vice versa, is this normal? and how could i see both at same time in 3d?
  4. Hello, when i try to connect 2 different walls they are being connected but there is still a light grey line visible where they meet. any suggestions? greetings!
  5. Ty very much! Mike could you give me a link to the online help database? When I click on online help in Vectorworks the page won't load greetings!
  6. Hello, I know I can import a picture into vectorworks but I can't find how to import a picture to use it as a fill. If i chose a picture filling I get to chose from a 30-some standard images but i can't import the one I want. greetings!
  7. TY mike and jeffrey! both of your answers were very usefull to me! Appreciate your help! greetings!
  8. Ty, I found it but the problem now is that when i want to draw the beam in plan it is put vertical in 3d instead of horizontal ;(
  9. Hello, It's probably a question with a very logical and easy answer but I was wondering how i can draw a beam in plan that will be 3d as well. If i use the toolset for beams i can make wooden beams 2d and 3d but when I want to make a steel profile vectorworks just puts a 2d symbol of the profile in my document. greetings!
  10. Hello, I recently downloaded the student version of vectorworks but I'm having a problem. When i for exemple open the toolset for walls I only get about 6 icons (straight wall, bended wall, connecting walls) but I do not see the other 15 or something icons with for exemple doors and windows I'm supposed to see. Other toolsets have the same limitation. Anyone knows what could be the problem? greetings!
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