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  1. It seems that "File Vault" encryption was the trouble. After disabling that, the exchange worked fine.
  2. I am on a Mac OS 10.6.6 VW 2011 SP2 Build 135291 No emulation This is a university owned machine, however. Is there anything I should ask our IT folks about?
  3. Sorry that didn't work even with a very simple file name.
  4. Unfortunately there is no Entire Plot command in the file. Thanks for the help. There isn't even an section
  5. Lightwright can't access the XML file because VW 2011 appears to ignore the "Export on Exit". I check the box under Document Settings/Lightwright, but after I click "OK" and open the Document Preferences again, the box is unchecked. When I try to turn the VW link on in LW, it gives me the Nasty Gram about doing "Full Export on Exit". I'm a long time user of both programs and have never had this problem until the 2011 upgrade. Just wanted to know if anyone is using VW 2011 and has similar problem.
  6. Thanks for the quick responses, however it is not "exporting" at all. Although the .xml is created (no special characters, I know, and the files is saved in the same location on the drive) LW cannot access it. This is a fresh install of VW 2011 and I've submitted the problem and sample files to Tech Support, but no answer so far. I just wondered if anyone else was suffering.
  7. The checkbox "Full Export on Exit" doesn't stay checked. I can't exchange data with Lightwright. Anyone else having this issue?
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