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  1. im not sure...i used 2d i think...it was geometry that i convert > convert to polygons.
  2. ok...sorry...i know framing member, but framing member seems pretty useless to me, barely an advantage over conventional cad modeling. I need to find a way (learning to build bim models...by the way) to efficiently model these things. Thats why i thought i was onto something with the create framing from poly command. Thats exactly the kind of tool i need, but I cant get it work work outside of the ground plane (x,y)? are their scripts available? or ways around this problem? adjusting the working plane? ... there has to be something...i can't be the first person who realized this. is vectorworks bim underdeveloped compared to revit? or is it targeted to modeling residential or light construction only?
  3. i dont see framing member has it been renamed?
  4. Vectorworks 2011 Mac OS X Version 10.6.4 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB 1067 MHz RAM
  5. Im playing around with this tool trying to find an efficient way to model unique steel structures. This tool seems to be tailored to creating floor structure, because I can not get the resulting framing to follow my polygons. Does anybody know a way to make work in any other planes besides x,y?
  6. looking to create a generic flat roof (in 2011 bim) with 1/4" slope to drains. girders and framing as well.
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