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  1. I meant to add that when our supplier re-sent the files after saving them down to VW12, the files ended with MCD but the file icons were still white blanks.
  2. Hi everyone We have a BIG problem!! One of our most used suppliers (an architectural draftsman) has just changed to VW2010 (on PC) but our studio Apple Mac's are still running VW12.5.3 (which we like as it's reliable and we cannot afford upgrades at present due to the recession). Our Mac?s run Apple OS-X 10.5.8 (Leopard). We recently received a new set of drawings from our supplier but all the drawing icons were white blanks and ended in VWX (rather than MCD). Our supplier has tried 'saving them down' as VW12 but the problem persists. In short we cannot open or recognise any of the VWX drawing files and reluctantly we may have to stop using this valued supplier if they cannot overcome the problem. Can anyone help us/them? Is there something they can do that will allow us to open and work these drawings? We must be able to work on them, not just view them. Any help most welcome as we're in a real pickle here! Thanks David
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