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  1. Hi, I am using vect. 2010 and I need to show for each room the total surface area. I drew different rectangles and merge them to have the correct shape. I see as property of my rectangle the total area surface on the property window. Is there a way to show that property on my draw? Thank you in advance. Nic
  2. Ok, it works. I didn't selected the proper layer to work on. Thank you Nic
  3. Hi, I need to put my main lucid in background and be able to draw another lucid with the possibility to select reference point from background lucid. But if I put my main lucid behind I cannot select point with cursor. Where am I wring? thank you nicola
  4. Hi, no body uses tablets? Is that a off topic for this forum? I'd appreciate any suggestions or experience. Thank you Nicola
  5. Hi, I'd like to buy a graphic tablet to use with vectorworks. Tablet is a complete new world for me. Consequently I'd like to receive some opinions by current users and theirs experiences (is it useful? how about productivity?). Are all tablets compatible with vectorworks? Please answer to this post. Thank you, Nicola
  6. Hi, with quote, I mean to show how long is a side (ex. 3,45 cm). Sorry for my english, but I don't know the english word
  7. I use vectorworks basic 2010.
  8. Hi, trivial newbie question? Can't I quote a 3d draw? I tried to draw a cube and quote one of its side, but when I rotate the draw, the quote doesn't rotate with the cube. Thank you, Nicola
  9. Yes, it worked. Thanks a lot. Nic
  10. I can remove/hide all, but the line. Nic
  11. Hi, I'd like to display the scale of each viewport. I found a "draw identifier" command to show info about viewport (see attached image). I work good (if I change my viewport's scale, it changes its value), but I just need the text, not the circle and the line. But if I ungroup the "draw identifier", I lose info on the scale (if I change it, it doesn't display the correct value). Do you have any suggestion to have a text showing the viewport scale and linking it to viewport modification? thank you, Nicola
  12. Hi, I am using vectorworks2010 basic. I need to modify an attribute to a category (line thickness) and apply that to all existent object associated to that category. But When I apply my modification, it is not applied to all the category objects. Any suggestions, please? thank you , Nicola
  13. It's my basic version. Probably you have Designer. I cannot create the pipe run. I don't have it in my menus. nb
  14. Hi, thank you for the file. I can see the sheet and the Pipeline Run object, but I cannot create or modify. I have vectorworks 2010 basic and think that this feature is in another version. Anyway now I know it exists. Maybe I can create a script to calculate what I need. Thank you Nicola
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