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  1. hello there. I have been looking at transferring my keyboard shortcuts from 2011 to 2012 2013 or whichever version may come. I found that you can transfer your workspace, but the you have to manually add all the new tools for the recent version. (even though when I tried the keyboard shortcut did not come with the workspace) is there any way to transfer only the custom mapped keyboard shortcuts? what am I missing here. thanks. Oh by the way this is for the mac version.
  2. Tamsin, thats exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!! I completely missed the Plug in parameters in the Eye dropper tool so when I tried it before it did not work. You're correct Ozzie, the landscape area tool is very handy, for quick conceptual plans its very quick and easy. Thank you so much for the prompt reply and help! Have a great weekend guys!
  3. hello there. I've been working on setting up some templates for our office, and I have ran into a bit of a puzzle to me. I set up a landscape area with a specific mix of plants lets say Mix1, which I can draw multiple times. However, if I change the mix and draw a few more planting beds with Mix2 and then want to use Mix1 again, I have not found a way to go back to the Mix1 without specifying the plant mix all over again manually. Is there a way to save these mixes for re-use? similar to what the hardscape tool does. save as a resource? run a script? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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