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  1. Thx very much. I will try the things you explained. And inform you again. Regards, Erdem
  2. Hello All, Our Vectorworks (designer 2011 with renderworks) based on a really strong machine. COnfig: i7 - 3.2 Ghz Windows 7 Pro (64) 8Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro Fx 4800 Graphics Card And some more good options. We are happy with the results that we get from Vectorworks and the work station. But we have some interesting problems. If any one can show us a good way to handle this i would be really pleased. After rendering, we want to export the view as a TIFF or Jpeg. But it takes too much time than rendering. It starts to render again for a longer time. What is the solution? (But please do not tell us the Printscreen and pate to paint way! ) This is realy urgent for us. where do we have mistake/s?
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