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  1. I've had to do that with Photoshop before. But, because the colors look right printing directly from Vectorworks, I really want to figure out a way to get a PDF to reproduce the colors. We send these files to consultants to print, and want to be sure that they are as accurate as possible.
  2. We overlay color on our rendered site plans, and have trouble with the printed color quality when the drawing is saved as a pdf outside of Vectorworks. The colors print fine from within Vectorworks, but the files the we export as pdf's to print from Acrobat are very inaccurate. It seems to be an issue with the pdf created within Vectorworks, as we don't have this problem with pdf files created in InDesign and other programs. Is there a setting within VW that will embed a color profile in the pdf to ensure accurate color representation? Or, are there any other tips to ensure a high quality pdf out of VW? Thank you. We are on Vectorworks 2010 Landmark. Mac OS X 10.6.3. Acrobat 9.
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