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  1. Hey, How do I get my own Image on the Projector Screen? I'm made a Video Screen and then open up the 'Obj Info' and Prosumed I clicked on 'Edit Screen Image'... But am now unsure how to get my own image projection on there, when I render it. Any help thanks SaM
  2. My god! haha yes the simplest thing you always miss damit! Thanks all good now.
  3. Hi there, I have come to a large problem that I've spent ages trying to work out but have got no where, Basically I have drawn out a scaled 3D representation of a theatre, and I need to add lanterns and Small set pieces. But once I have inserted a object from the object Browser, Vectorworks won't let me move around. So I open up the Resources Browser an insert an object from there such as a lantern, which is fine and it goes down onto the workspace. But then when I try to move that object either with the 2D or 3D Selection Move tool, it won't let me (as well as being difficult to select, other that dragging a selection box over the object). So I hope you can help with this issue other wise the Theatre is somewhat pointless if I can't fill it with Lanterns and Such! I am currently running the full Version of Vectorwork 2010 on Mac if That helps anyone?! I can if you want email someone a copy of the drawing too to have a look. Cheers Sam
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