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  1. Hi Benson That the problem its just illustrator as a great automatic trace tool but it leads to a world of pain!!

    The optimize tool is a great find and works well in 2012 additional it looks like it can replace curves with arcs which can be crucial in the laser work flow and is something (ark fitting that is) I used to do in Rhino which was yet another step to go through. If this arc fitting is any good I'm a happy bunny!

    Also cool I can remove small items which I was doing manually.

    BTW is there a decent trace command in VW? last time I used it many VW versions ago it was pretty poor but might be super now??

    Thanks for the heads up.



  2. Thanks Benson I imported this form illustrator I think this is where all the problems come from! Excuse my ignorance but what is OIP?

    Also a big thanks you for the heads up on the optimise drawing download I am often dealing with tricky big files like this and it will be a godsend for me I'm sure!

    BTW I am using VW 2012? should be ok???


  3. Hi Good people I'm running VW 2012 on a macbook pro 8gb ram Mac os 10.6.8 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

    Whats the biggest file size I can comfortably handle?? I'm struggling with some 200mb files which crash and won't save or render. Then if I save them stripping away most of the stuff as a reduced file with fewer viewports and sheet layers and bin a load of 3d models associated with the sheet viewports no problems (70-80mb).

    Just wondering what file size I should be able to process easily?

    Cheers Will

    I'm beginning to think that VW is not the best program for complex 3d shapes with loads of nurbs etc???

  4. HI All

    simple problem I know but its one of those drives me crazy things!!

    I used to draw a shape on a view of my model and highlight it and create viewport by default it became the crop box. Now this still works in plan view but any other elevation fails and I have to viewport the entire elevation then crop on the sheet layer via edit crop.

    What am I doing wrong? is it something to do with the crop I am drawing (ie a 3d rectangle??)

    probably some really foolish mistake but you know how we all get tripped up sometimes!

    Cheers Will

  5. Right, I just found the 3d forms under all those contours. Why don't you use the extract tool to generate the equivalent to 2D sections? Or use the Split Tool instead of Solid Subtractions?


    some good ideas not sure I know the extract tool I'll see if I can find it!

    Cheers Will

  6. Hi there What I need if you are looking in plan view I ideally wanted to section each of the "hill areas" contoured red. These need exporting as a series of section view ports along each of the grid lines on both x and y axis.

    Basically you will notice I have chopped the hills into 500x500 square blocks with a 10mm gap and I need a section line down the middle of each 10mm gap X and y axis for each of the hill areas.

    I hope this makes it clear its alot of work I know but since I cant section it once I'm pretty stuck :(


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