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  1. Hello! My name is Nik Robalino and I'm selling my Vectorworks license with Spotlight (includes Renderworks). I am getting out of the industry and no longer have a use for it. I am asking for $2,650. Thanks for your interest, Nik
  2. Thanks for verifying this Mitch! Time to make an add to the VW wish list... Nik
  3. Hello VW community, I am having difficulty with designating a color to a dimension. To be sure it was nothing in my existing file, I started with a new document and created two items: A plain text box and a dimension line. I created a text style with a blue color and was able to drag the text style onto the text box without issue. The same process applied to the dimension had no effect. The only successful way to change the color of the dimension line was to manually assign a color from the attributes window or to create and link the dimension line to a class with the desired color. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Nik
  4. Thanks klinzey for the response, I'll take that into consideration. Our solution was to Create a new file and copy and paste all non-lighting layers while "rehanging" a new plot with symbols from a working file.
  5. Hello VW community, I'm assisting a designer with drafting a light plot and are experiencing an unusual issue with unit numbers. As we go back to add unit numbers with the "Number instruments" tool, all the units are labeled in a multi-circuit fashion even though they were inserted separately as individual, single-circuit fixtures. We are looking for solutions and we've found it to be a problem within the particular file and with the particular symbols as a result of comparing the issue with a separate show file. We don't know where to find the data that defines a fixture as multi-circuit and/or if there's a way to turn it off. Any info is appreciated! Thanks, Nik
  6. Hello VW community, I'm replicating and rendering a large interior space with the Renderworks Camera tool. I am having issues with any rendering mode other than Open GL or Wireframe. The process starts and I can see it going through the "load", "geometry", and other rendering steps. Unfortunately, it is consistent with freezing (not crashing) at the "environmental lighting" stage. I've rendered in this mode before, but the addition of some object within my program seems to have caused it to act up. I thought at first the problem began when I imported my image prop people, but a re-render after deleting the image-prop layer returned up the same, sad result. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions for items to look for. If it helps, I am running VW 2012 (SP2) on Windows Vista x64/ Intel Core Duo P8700 @ 2.53Gh/4GB RAM Thank you! Nik
  7. Thanks for your response Chris, but what I mean is to swap two items that are already in the document. For example, in my line of work: Theatrical Lighting Design, there have been numerous occasions where I want to swap the location of two adjacent lighting fixtures. Instead, I have to move the first object out of the way, slide the second object to the first object's position, then move the first object to the second's place. Sorry, I should have given this example sooner.
  8. Hello VW users, I am adapting a light plot in VW 2011 that was made in VW 2009. When I first load the document, I can make any changes I like. However, once I save to a new .vwx file, it will crash anytime I delete, move or alter certain items. It will crash and give me a "Runtime error." The message's header reads: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" Has anyone experienced something like this? I am running VX2011 SP1 (Build: 133171) Thanks in advance! Nik
  9. Hello Vectorworks community, I'm having an issue with my background texture becoming distorted and disfigured in camera view. It is simply a custom image texture applied with a perimeter mapping to an extruded surface. I am rendering in Final Quality RW with no issue, however, when I render in my desired camera view, I have these triangles of the same overlapped image. Kind of hard to explain so I attached a picture. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Nik
  10. Dear Vectorworks, I have seen great need to occasionally switch two objects. A simple tool switching them from their relative insertion point would be sufficient. Nik
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