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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Eric, on all fronts. I thought that I had set the preference to send me notifications via email, but will have to double-check that. I am also bookmarking the sites/links you've provided. These will certainly help me greatly in the future. I really want to stick with VW, as I already have lots of time and $$ invested into it. The learning curve is higher for some things than I had imagined (or had remembered from my days at PSU), and I don't have the budget to take a class at this time. So, for now, it's me and you fellas tryin' to make a go of it. Thanks again to you and Peter for your timely help.
  2. Unbelievable. Worked perfect, and works to find the perpendicular of the lines too. That solves so many of my problems and saves me so much time. Why isn't this a tip/trick on the help menu? Thanks so much for your help, and sorry it took so long to respond, I never got an email that said someone responded and then I just forgot until now. It's the little things like these issues that are really pissing me off about VW. So much so, that I'm contemplating going back to AC.. And I hate myself for even saying that. But unless I can find a reasonably priced class to take nearby, I'm just missing too many of the basics to waste any more time trying to teach myself. Cheers!!
  3. Thanks guys, great help. That's an interesting way of getting the object to be scaled, especially in VW. I would've thought the method would be more visual than textual or input based. Ray, that's the only way I could figure out how to do it originally, but that way seems like the longer, less precise way. If I'm understanding your way as the same way I tried, the scaling is sort of 'blind', and requires you to continually move the object back over the drawn line to check if it lines up. It will work fine, though, in certain occasions, and may work best for you in what you're doing. However, precision is paramount when matching the imported images for me. Edit: Sorry Ray, I went back and re-read your advice, and it seems I misunderstood at first. But when importing the image, I have no idea what factors I'm looking for, so that still doesn't seem to be the best way for me. Also, what's up with the 'fixed point' command? How does that work? I keep getting that same error, but that sounds like the tool I'm wanting to use... Thanks all of you for the advice. I'm loving VW more each day, but I'm sure I'll be back with many more Q's along the way!!
  4. I have a JPG image that shows exact property/building dims. I've imported the image and have drawn a line, starting at one corner of the building, in the exact dimension of that side in real life. Now, I want to resize/scale the background image to match that line, so that all of my base map will be correct. I'm more familiar with AutoCAD at this point, but have switched to VW2008, and not planning to ever look back. But I know that this command is easily performed in AC, I just don't know how to do it in VW. I've tried the 'resize from fixed point' tool, but it keeps giving me a 'Drag may not start at the same vertical location as the fixed point' error message. Please help, thanks in advance. Any one...? Any one...? Bueller...?
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