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  1. We just received the update CDs for mac. I seemed to be installing fine until the very end when i got a message saying "Error opening MacHaspUsbDD 1008:6,-43 File not Found" We have OS 9.1 and still have VW 8.5.2 Architect loaded (in addition to VW9) Any suggestions? Jason Bowers Limbacher and Godfrey Architects
  2. quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: When you update a WGR in VW 8.5.2 (I'm not aware of a version "8.5.4")you should always be in top/Plan view in your active layer. See if this helps. Thanks Robert I sort of came around to that solution by accident yesterday, and I went through the drawing and "apple 5'ed" all the layers and took off the option save view on all the sheet set ups. I worked once time when i re-workgrouped, but after that i can't get it to work any more. Also we seem to be having another related problem with a referenced layerlink.. The sill of windows become enormous. All of these problems are only coming from one particular layer. As an aside, as a blind and desperate act, I cut all the objects of the offending layer and pasted them on the new layer, but we still get the same problems. thanks in advance Jason Bowers Limbacher and Godfrey Architects
  3. I Have had a very strange thing happen to a VW 8.54 Architect file. We have a file called A-WGR1, in which there are a number of layers, mostly floor plans. Another file is called A-WGR2, which consists of building sections. I had work group referenced A-WGR2 to A-WGR1, so that I could get some plan information, however, something strange happened. The layer for the first floor, which constists of 3d wall and plugin windows and doors showed up fine. The layer for the second floor, however, is missing a number of things, and different things are missing at different times, i.e. if you go to another layer and come back to the referenced layer, different objects will not be there. The main problem is that none of the windows or doors are coming in on the 2nd floor (unlike the first floor.) It is not a class problem. (As an aside, when I set up the work group refernce, I got the error warning saying ?not enough memory?some actions aborted..increase partition size.? This is despite the fact that I have more than enough RAM allocated. I think the computer is a G3 333 with 256K ram We are very confused. thanks in advance Jason Bowers Limbacher and Godfrey Architects
  4. There is a great command in Photoshop, Fireworks and other graphics programs, wherein you press the tab button and it toggles the palletes "off". When you press tab again, they reappear. It is really handy, especially if you use keyboard commands alot. thanks jason


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