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  1. Hi All, Went to Tech Support for an answer to this issue. Here's the reply: "There does appear to be an issue with this instrument. It does not appear to be rotating correctly. I have narrowed the cause down to the Parts record attached to the mounts for this light. If I remove the record the device rotates correctly. I have attached a file with a modified version of this lighting device in which the Parts record has been removed. I am submitting this to our engineering department as well." If anyone would like to have a copy of this modified Color Blaze 72, please e-mail me directly and I will forward it to you. Thanks for the replies! Jay Grindrod JGLD, Inc jgrindrod@me.com
  2. Yes, 2012 symbols used in 2012 program I assume. I updated from 2010 last month. Would that mean the symbols are 2010 symbols or 2012?
  3. I am using 2012 SP2 (Build 151150). Is there something in the 2D component of the symbol that is not allowing me to accomplish this?
  4. Gentlemen, This works correctly for most instrumentation. However, not for strip lights for some reason. I have tried every combination of x, y, z rotation and still can't find the correct combination to hang vertically. Any other suggestions?
  5. Ok, I must be an idiot. Trying to rotate a color blaze unit vertically so I can hang on a vertical truss tower. I have no issues creating a vert truss tower and have no problems rotating other various types of lighting symbols. I can't seem to figure out how to make a strip light hang vertically. Any suggestions?
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