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  1. I bought a Logitech Revolution last week and it is incredible in other applications. The buttons are programable, even in VW and I am in love with the scroll wheel. There are no bothersome clicks that cause the screen to jump. It is smooth like the apple mouse. And it is as fast as you want with the scrolling, you can spin hard and it keeps spinning for a while longer. YOu can tilt it for horizontal scroll, but that is too slow to bother with. It has a thumb wheel that can be used for zoom or can be programed for other uses. There are other buttons on the top and at the thumb that are also programable. (use them for "x" and "z" keystrokes) The problem is, in VW it does not scroll! It zooms, instead!. I would like for it to scroll and use the thumb wheel for zooming. VW is the only app I have found, so far that works this way. Is this something that NNA can correct in VW? Or has anyone found a workaround?
  2. Hi! I have recently upgraded to 12.5. Almost every time I use a menu item (I assume is run by Vectorscript) such as Creat Joist From Poly or Dimension Exterior Walls, VectorWorks crashes. This is happening more frequently as time goes by. At first, it was just an annoyance. I would restart and the next time it would work. Now it is happening enough that I can't complete this job. I may have to work around by filling polys with duplicated lines, dimension the old fashioned way, etc. Mac G5 2GHZ 1.5GB OS10.4.8
  3. I updated to 12.5 and tried to change the sun position and the pull down menu stated "Sun Position Not In Plug-ins Folder". How do I correct this?
  4. Thanks for that. I will use that symbol for now but I think it would still be a good idea if the problem were fixed so that the fields worked as designed.
  5. I am trying to produce a fan symbol out of the incandescent light tool. I can type an "F" into the Config Label field but it winds up outside the circle. When I enter a zero in the x and/or y field (default = 1") and press enter, the field changes to a -36' or some other similar figure and the "F" winds up off the sheet. VWA 11 did this jut fine.
  6. Thanks! I have been using VW since version 4 and never realized that was there.
  7. I am having a problem with resizing dimensions and objects, such as rectangles. When I move the curser over the corner of a rectangle or a dimension the curser does not change to the resize type and when I click and drag the whole object moves rathere than resize. The only way I can resize at this pint is in the object info boxes. Is there a preference or something that could have been changed by one of those pesky gremlins that lurk inside of computers, or by my upgrading to 12.1? This is something I seem to use a lot and it would be great to get it back.
  8. The warning appears mostly when I am rendering. I usually am in a layer that has 2 or more links. As far as VM is concerned, VW will run much faster with it off, even when set as you suggest. Also it is nice to not have to wear out the hard drive!
  9. I am working with a 1.5 MB file which keeps asking me to allocate more memory to VA. I am now up to 200MB and it wants more! I have nearly 500 MB of RAM installed. I don't use Virtual Memory as the program slows down considerably. How much RAM does 9.0.1 require? How will VA for OSX deal with the memory management issue. The main thing I do not like about OSX is the fact that you cannnot turn Virtual Memory off. All I can see is a great loss of speed and premature death of my hard drive. It would be great if the program would be able to turn it off. G4 450MHZ VA9.0.1, OS9.1, ------------------ Ed Dunn Solar Design & Construction Flagstaff, AZ
  10. Ed Dunn


    I have installed VWA 9.0.1 and before trashing VWA 9.0 I would like to make sure I am not throwing away anything important. In comparing the two folders I find that in the new 9.0.1 folder there are two different texture folders as opposed the single folder in 9.0. Is it safe to combine all of the textures into one folder? It seems logical to do so. Another "bug" -- I started a file in 9.0 in which I inserted some cabinet and plumbing objects. Those objects would disappear and when I made them visible they were selectable but not movable. 9.0.1 has fixed the selection/move problem but they will still disappear on their own. I have created a visibility tool which will bring them back immediatly but I would sure like to have them stay around unless I choose to tell them to go away. ------------------ Ed Dunn Solar Design & Construction Flagstaff, AZ
  11. Interesting that no one ever responded to this. Yesterday I tried again. This time I applied the standard VWA classes to the walls and it worked. It isn't perfect but it will be a feature that will save a great deal of time. ------------------ Ed Dunn Solar Design & Construction Flagstaff, AZ
  12. I am having problems with the Exterior Wall Dimensioner. I imported an 8.5.2 file and had no luck at all with trying to get it to work. Absolutely nothing happend. I created a new file in VA9 containing just 4 exterior walls (class: wall-ext-frame). EWD placed two unassociated 0' dimensions off to the side. In both cases the dialog box "Dimension the walls on this layer" had no choices at all. Whatzup with this? G4 AGP, 448MB VM off, 400MHZ, running VA9/RW9 ------------------ Ed Dunn Solar Design & Construction Flagstaff, AZ
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