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  1. actually after further investigation it seems that none of the spotlight plugins are working for me

    nothing under the spotlight menu works even after a full reinstall and update.

    this is realy frustrating


    well its appearing that VW11.5 does not play well with winxp, I loaded it up on one of our older laptops and the spotlight plugins at least start up, however even there we have problems.

    for instance i opened the label legend manager to add labels to insts, the manager opened alright, but when I went to "add" and the selection screen came up i was unable to select an option or scroll through the list.

    this new development screams incompatibility with windowsXP, so what gives? was this just a bad port? obviously this did work 100 percent with some non-mac OS so which one is it?

  2. no, it just remains as the last tool used, clicking on the seating designer link does nothing visable, not even a momentary delay while the computer decides what to do.

    if I'm in poly draw mode and try to open the designer the mode stays the same, if i switch to 2d select after drawing a poly and before clicking on the designer i get the same effect, the curser remains in the last tool selected IE: the 2d select tool

    the seating options window does not open, and no seating related info or tools appear. This did work in the past although I didnt use it very much as the polycount was murder on my old machine.

    I have never had a reason to try it on the new machine until now

    quad core intel in a dell chassis running fully patched winxp

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