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  1. I'm not sure how to explain this, but here goes... When using Vectorworks (I'm on a Mac) I used to be able to click on a line (or a rectangle or a circle or any other object for that matter) and little points would emerge on the ends. I could then grab those points and stretch the line. For some reason, these points are gone and I can't stretch an object. The same is true with a text box. I can't adjust the size of it... Does anyone know what is wrong? Did I change a setting??!! Thanks! Lisa
  2. I'm on a Mac. Vectorworks 2010. I will try your method. Thanks! But is this the only way? It still seems like an extra step to me...
  3. I want to plot my drawings, but want the colored lines to print in black. (White lines seem to already print in black). I know how to change the display setting to black and white, but it seems like there should be a way to plot in black and white w/o having to change the display setting back and forth each time... Please help. Thanks!
  4. I've set up my drawing sheets all in one file with my annotation and title blocks. My classes are assigned colors with a lineweight (like you would do in Autocad). How do I plot so that all the lines are in black with their lineweights? Right now, they're coming out in color...
  5. I've just upgraded to Vectorworks 2010 from Vectorworks 9.something... Big upgrade! Anyway, I'm a little lost as to how to organize my drawings. I have used Autocad before and understand paper space and model space and sheet files versus drawing files. That's how I was using Vectorworks 9. But I want to make sure I'm using the program to it's full potential. How do I organize my files? I'm an architect and have plans, elevations, interior elevations, details, etc. 3-d stuff is not a priority at this point. (I use something else for that right now). Please help. Thanks!! -Lisa
  6. The dashed lines view fine in the sheet layers, but don't appear in the design layer. How do I view them? It's pretty hard to work in the design view without them... Thanks!
  7. Also, when I make a viewport, there is no visible box around it, which is good. But when I crop the viewport by making a rectangle, I end up with a box which doesn't disappear... Not good.
  8. Thanks so much for the help! But this seems a little redundant... What is the best way to set up all my files? I feel like I'm trying to incorporate all the old ways of doing things but that's in conflict with the new system... Paper space vs model space. Sheet files vs drawing files. Do I keep all my drawings in one file? Plans, elevations, etc? Or do I break them up? I'm just a one woman office so I could keep them all in the same file... But I might be a two person office some day... I need a primer in file management...
  9. Thanks! That's helpful b/c I've been trying to figure it out for an hour now. However, how should I set up my drawings? I really prefer to have individual sheet files for each sheet that prints (ie, A01, A02, etc). These sheet files reference my plans, elevations, etc. But if I can't change the layers within the viewports, I can't control which floor plan I'm looking at. Any advice on how to set up the sheet files versus the drawing files? I'm floundering... Lisa
  10. I've just upgraded to Vectorworks 2010 Architect and am learning how to use viewports. (I used Autocad for years and understand Xrefs and paper/model space). I've got two viewports drawn on a sheet layer. They are referencing an external file - a floor plan. I'd like one viewport to show the 1st floor and the other to show the 2nd floor. But I can't figure out how to change the layers specific for each viewport... Please help.
  11. hi new to vectorworks (coming from autocad) using 2010 architect on a mac ques: can the various tool and command key commands be customized to be whatever you want? (more specifically without using the command or option keys) after reading the help and knowledge base on workspaces and editing keyboard shortcuts, i'm still mystified as to how to make "t" the key command for TRIM, for instance. (it seems like a lot of the key assignments are random, and i'd like to make them a little more sensible.) how is this done? humble thanks up front!
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