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  1. I have been sitting here for the last hour and I can't figure out how to draw: a) a roof b) then how to put a dormer in. I know my angle is 42 degrees and the house is technically terraced. So for a start when I put a roof on it comes out the wrong way round. I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to build these things and I have never done it before. I only ever out on flat ceilings and never needed to do this before. Yup a complete novice. Thanks p.s. i only seem to have selected roof tools available is this right? Yup no idea what I'm doing
  2. Resources that are in the VW library. In the 2008 version you needed to almost unlock your resource folder and then you could access all of them. But stupidly enough I can't remember how I did it. At the moment I can't even place a chair or render a wall. And I will do the signature thing now. Thanks for your help
  3. I tried that and it only selects individual ones, I would like to upload all of them.
  4. Hi, completely new to this. I've just upgraded to 2009 VW and my resource browser is empty. How do I access all my resources. The helpline was useless. Please help. I know that if you access something then the whole lot will download but I can't remember how. Thanks
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