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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried an "if,then,or" argument but as the list of finishes grew, it became very difficult to manage. The ?or? became another ?if,then,or? argument, which itself had another ?if,then,or? agument as its ?or? etc.etc. for every finish. It was ok, but when we added more stuff it became difficult. Thanks again though,
  2. Hey, hope someone can help. I've attached a record to many items in a drawing and created a report using this record. Ok so far. One of the fields in this record is a key to finishes build ups, for example "F05". Another work sheet contains information about "F05" I need the report to read the finishes column, look up the associated text string with that code and put it in the cell adjacent. i.e. where a cell reads F05, I need the cell next to it to display text about F05, like ?3mm gypsum skim with 2 coat paint finish?. An alternative solution might be to use the record itself somehow? Maybe? If I could get a field in a record to be dependent on the input of another field, I could get it to work. I think. Is this possible? Basically I have a lot of finishes, with long descriptions, and I don?t want to have to keep pasting in long text strings to a field. It would be much more powerful to put in a 3 digit code (or something), which then references somehow a finish key with a longer description. This way, when the finishes change, I just change the text description and don?t have to go into the record of each element to which it is assigned. I?ve tried using the space tool with its simple assign finishes tool but it?s simply not flexible enough (rooms with many more than four walls, multiple finishes on different walls, etc.etc). Anyone this good? Thanks for your help
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