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  1. Tom,

    Did you update both the model file and the site model file to VW 10 files? Then are you saying you opened the site model file in VW 10, and you tried to reference the VW 10 model file and you got an error? That sounds like a problem with VW. You could send me the 2 files, and I will investigate.


  2. There is no absolute limit to the number of layers you can have. But for large numbers of layers, you may encounter problems. As the number of layers gets larger, it will get more difficult to use the layer popup menu to set the active layer. Also due to a limitation in the Mac OS code for listbox controls, the layer setup dialog will not show all the layers when the number of layers gets too large (this will probably not happen until the number of layers is more than a thousand, and the number of layers at which this occurs will be smaller if the layer names are longer).

  3. Dave,

    After doing what Katie said, you then need to change the dimension standard for all the dimensions you have already created. If they're all on layers with the same scale, I think you can edit them all at once. I would make sure all the layers with dimensions are visible and set your layer options to Show/Snap/Modify Others. Then do a custom selection, making the criteria that the Type be Dimension. Then just go to the OI palette and set the Dim Std to ASME Dual Stacked (if this standard isn't quite what you want, you can make a custom standard from this standard).

  4. ga, VW has been improved in this area. What version are you running? If you send me a file with instructions for how to see this problem, I will investigate it.

    Ion, there was a problem when zooming when you're entered into a group with show other objects on that was addressed for the next release of VW. But you said you see a problem after exiting the group. If you send me a file and instructions for how to see this problem, I will investigate it.



  5. For the problem with not being able to access all your fonts when you have a large number of fonts on your system, there is a Format Text menu command in VW 10 which brings up a dialog that has a list of all the fonts, and you can access them all. Like the font menu, this sets the defaults if no text is selected, and it sets selected text objects if text objects are selected.

  6. The second fill was added for v10. It is just there when the text offset is 0. It was added because of a complaint that the break in the dimension line was not large enough for ASME dimensions. It's size is a little larger than the text fill in both directions. I think the problem you're seeing with its size would be solved if it was only bigger in the direction of the dimension line. We will investigate this.

  7. Mickey,

    When you did the duplicate array, did you use the Ctrl+Alt+D keyboard shortcut? When you have the symbol insertion tool selected, pressing the alt key temporarily switches the tool into pickup mode. If you do the Ctrl+Alt+D for duplicate array, the symbol tool is left in pickup mode. To then insert a symbol, you first need to go to the mode bar and click on the far left button, to return it to insertion mode.

  8. Yes, this is a known bug that is only on Windows. To workaround this, if you want to select class 'A-B-C', for example, then choose Create Script instead of Execute Immediately. Select class ‘A’ on the criteria dialog, then edit the script, changing ‘A’ to ‘A-B-C’.

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