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  1. Hello all, So, I'm trying to export to a jpg a plan view with walls and symbols that have a drop shadow on them. Looks perfect in the VW file but when exported, some of the drop shadow is missing.... or none of the drop shadow is shown. Works well with a PDF (drop shadow is shown) but I'm curious why it's missing in the jpg. Read some of the issues on the forum but didn't really see any solution. Using VW 2018 right now...Will hope to upgrade to 2019 after this project is done. Unless this drop shadow issue has been fixed in '19, then I'm about to make a jump sooner. Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.
  3. Hello all. Just wondering if there is a symbol for the ETC ColorSource Spot for Vectorworks yet? Or is the CE Source Fours folder representing the ColorSource collection? Thanks in advance. Adam
  4. I'm actually thinking it might be a specific corrupt symbol that was crashing my machine as other lighting plots open without crashing. The Fly-over tool works in those. My iMac works....so I will just blame it on the file. And start a fresh....
  5. Hello, I've been experience my Educational version of Spotlight 2015 crashing after trying to perform a flyover of my light plot. The screen goes solid 'white' with columns that change information as you use the mouse or keyboard. Looking at other posts, PC users might be having similar problems with issues with their video card. I'm on a Macbook Pro, using OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. Reinstalled the software last night but it didn't help. Will try my iMac in my office today. Currently not having any issues with my 2014 version. Any ideas? Thanks, Adam
  6. Sorry... Working in Spotlight 2013 on a Mac and everything is updated.
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has an idea what's going on with my paperwork. My Channel Hook up for this plot is not generating in sequential order. It seems to be ordering it by position. Even though the Channel is up at the top of the column order in the setup. I'm thinking something has gone missing/corrupt with the channel info as other plots work. Even a newly created plot keeps the order. Attached is a jpg of the paperwork...I think it's attached. Thanks ahead of time. I would hate to have to redo the plot as it's almost complete... Thanks ahead of time. Adam
  8. Hi Kevin, Yes. The two drawings are in the same scale. How's Vancouver these days? _________ I want to say that Benson most likely got it right. There was something odd about the screen plane from the original drawing and the copy. Will need to look at this for future drawings. Thanks all. Adam
  9. Do you mean they decompose? For example that a polygon becomes several discrete lines, one for each segment, rather than a single object? Or do you mean that objects move relative to each other? Or that the whole selection pastes to a different location relative to the drawing origin? (Paste in Place works in my tests) None of these problems occur if I create two new blank files in v2013 and paste objects from one file to the other. OK, give some more info to see if we can find what's happening in your drawings. -B Thanks for the reply. No. The polygons don't decompose but will change their position in relation to each other. I didn't think about using paste in place which solves this problem. I've attached a couple of jpgs of issue. The 'original' is the drawing I'm looking to copy into a new file. The second jpg is of the pasted drawing; the left is just 'pasting' in elements and the right is 'paste in paste'. As you can see, there are some lines/2D polygon has lost it's relation to the original. [img:right][/img] I'm just glad the simple paste in place function helps with this. Thanks, Adam
  10. Hello all, Been working in VW 2013 for a couple of weeks now. And I haven't seen this issue before with other versions but I might be wrong. It seems every time I copy a simple 2D drawing (polygons, lines, circles...) into a 2nd drawing, the pasted copy lines become separated. Often, the lines are in the same X or Y coordinates so it's simple to 'put' back together. Just did a little experiment to see if it has to do with 'Screen Plane' or 'Screen Aligned' but this didn't effect it. I haven't ventured into knowing the differences but I will soon. There must be something I'm not doing right. Any ideas? Thanks, Adam Parboosingh Augustana College, Rock Island, IL Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts, Scenography www.adamparboosingh.com
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, my instrument symbol is a ETC Source Four 2D/3D symbol. My lighting pipe is not a 3D symbol. I just figured out that I can insert my instrument, not have it connected to my 2D pipe, and be able to draw an accurate beam spread. What's my next step here? Do I need to draw my lighting pipe in 3D before changing it to a lighting position? Thanks, APP
  12. Hello, I feel I've solved this problem before...but my brain can't seem to remember. So, I have a light plot with hanging positions created out of 2D polygons. (not extruded!) I insert my lighting instrument, focused it....and then gave a Z coordinate for height. But every time I add that Z coordinate, it reverts back to 0". But when I draw the beam, it does give me a beam/field spread. I change the Z coordinate, and it draws me the same beam as before. The question here, why? Trying to work this out, I created a 3D lighting position, but under TOP/PLAN view it disappears and only leave the summary as text. Weird. I would rather leave my lighting plot as 2D, since that is what it is..... Any answers? Thanks ahead. APP
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