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  1. Sent a link to the file via dropbox. Thanks for your help. My email is stevenzerby@yahoo.com ps: got the email address from your webpage
  2. No intermediate version. Just updated to Yosemite and 2015 at the same time, from 10.7.5/VW 12.5. No real need for 2015, but I do need Yosemite for some other things, so time to go through the whole thing. I open a more complex file no problem. Seems to be a problem with this particular file. I'll see if you can convert it.
  3. VW 2015 SP2 keeps crashing when I try to open a file created in VW 12.5. Says it is going to convert and rename, starts to open, then crashes. Upon relaunch it doesn't show up in the recent items list. Try again, crash again. Help?
  4. Is there some way to apply a texture to the underside of a roof face? Can't seem to do it with mapping. The texture seems only to apply to the top surface of the roof. Steve Zerby
  5. To All: Not all of us VW users use it full time. That's why some of us don't upgrade with every new version. I'm a builder and I use it when I have a large project, and then I may leave it untouched for two or three years. When I started designing the project that I'm almost done with and am going to start building in a few weeks, 12.5 was the current version. Once I start building this one I'll probably not need to use VW again for two or three years, at which point I will probably upgrade. Until then, it makes no sense for me to do so. I've been using VW since it was MiniCad 4 and I've jumped from 4 to 6 to 8 to 10 to 12.5. Frankly I can't afford to upgrade every time Nemetschek puts out a new version. I can afford to upgrade when I get a project that will pay for it. I am, however, a bleeding edge Mac user, and like to keep my OS current if it's not going to interfere with my critical apps. OS 10.6 is not critical for me, but I would like to be using it if doesn't interfere with VW 12.5. If that's not possible, so be it, I'll just wait till I'm done designing this project. So again, if anyone out there is using 12.5 on 10.6 without major problems, I would like to hear about it. Thanks.
  6. Will anyone who's trying to run 12.5 on Mac OSX 10.6 post their experiences? I'm in the middle of something and can't afford to have VW break on me right now. I'm hoping the two can co-exist. Thanks.
  7. Got the drawings. Thanks. Much more complicated than what I need to do, obviously, but thank you. Are you working in 2D or 3D to generate these pages? Steve
  8. I'm just about as physically far from you as I could be and still be in the US! I credit Janice's book and the two day seminar with getting me able to make use of the program at all. I was unable to make it work reading the user manual for MC4 till after I read her book "The MiniManual". And I'm no stranger to designing on the computer. I had been doing it for years as a publication designer. I thought "How hard can it be? I know QuarkXpress..." But for some reason 3D was a whole new paradigm that it took me awhile to wrap my head around. One of my main problems is that I don't use it very much. I haul it out about once a year to design an addition or some such, and then it goes back into mothballs along with my brain till the next time. In the meantime the program has had a couple of updates, and I'm behind the curve again. Is Janice still doing seminars? Steve
  9. Thanks for the welcome and the information. Sheet previews would be great. I work in a total vacuum out here in the boondocks with no formal training other than a beginning drafting class 20 years ago. The last set of actual prints I saw was probably 8 years ago, that someone had done in Chief Architect. I need a basic reference to see what it is I'm supposed to be presenting, and then I need to be able to figure out how to achieve that end. I bought a drafting book the last time I had to put together some drawings for a permit. The book was "Architectural Drafting and Design, 4th edition" by Alan Jefferis and David Madsen from 2004. It was of some use, but not very applicable to VW. Steve
  10. Hello folks. I'm new to the boards, but not a new VW user. I've used it on and off since MiniCad4. Am currently using VW Architect 12.5. I'm a residential design/build contractor working mostly on mid-19th century housing, doing additions and whole-house remodels. Anyway, I use VW mostly as a design tool with clients, rarely having to generate anything resembling a working drawing. I work strictly in 3D. I'm finding that I'm at the point where I need to know more than I do about generating a set of working drawings and presentation drawings, and have no idea where to turn for training. The last training I had was a two-day seminar with Janice Kent on VW8. I have enough of a working knowledge of layers and classes that I'm able to build layered-up models, but I suspect that I'm not doing it very well, and I don't even know where to start with generating presentation or working drawings. Where could I learn: a) a more systematic approach to modeling the structure b) the basics of what should be on a set of drawings and what they look like c) how to accomplish that in VW 12.5 Thanks in advance, Steve
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