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  1. Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply, I will try contacting my client and CW people on this. Hope they will get back to me on this. I will let you know the further on this if I get the solution. Thanks for your support.
  2. Dear Sir, Thanks for your quick response. So it means, I can't edit these objects until I install the CW plug-in in my PC. If so can you please suggest me how can I contact the CW people?, if that is available, will that work with my existing version. And also does it effect anything with software version such as Architect, Designer, Spotlight, Rendering, Processional and Fundamental so on...Since I have been suggested to use the right version with right serial number. It would be really great help if you can help me out from this. Looking for your further response. Thanks Nagesh
  3. Hello All, Hope I can get the solution from this forum. My problem is... I am now using VW 2008 English version and I wanted to edit the doors and room stamps in the VW file which was created by my client using his German version software, now when I try to edit this object, I see error message saying "This command does not apply to this type of plug-in object. Use the Object Info palette to edit this plug-in object." (please see the attached document)and when I try to edit this in the "Object Info palette, it is not allowing me to edit width of the door, when I contact our local dealer, he is saying that you have to purchase plug-ins which your client is using. Honestly, I am not sure what is the problem now and which plug-in should I buy to solve this problem. Please give your suggestion and let me know if you need any additional information from my end. Looking for your response. Thanks Nagesh
  4. Dear Schmid, Thanks for your reply. I have tried as per your reply, but I got error message. please check from attachment and please help me further. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can any one please help me how to open my corrupted vwx file. Thanks, Nagesh
  6. Hi Ray, I have done the same, but no use. still same issue as previous.
  7. Hai, I have trying to install VW 2009 (14.0.2) version on my Desktop. When I trying to click on the .exe file it doesn't shows any progress and the software was not installed. I have using windows Xp service pack 2, with latest config cpu. Please help me anyone. Thanks in advance Nagesh
  8. Under application I found application version - 13.00 (76681) product - designer, render works
  9. Hai, Greece and Mike, I found everything as on noted, Thank you very much. IF I want draw my own styles of windows and create as library. What can I do the steps. Please guide me. Thanks
  10. Hey Orso, I am not sure is this your name, If not Sorry. Thanks for your reply. I will check today. But one of my colleges worked without Firefox window open, but they have also same problem. Actually we have working with architectural buildings, I think we need not require for graphic card. At the moment I don't know which graphic card I need to use. Is this problem with my vector works? and also do you can suggest any best video lessons.
  11. Hi Dude, I have problem with vector works options. while I am working with options (line, object selection, mirror etc) at the opening of 5 or 10 min it working very well after that when I was select the object it take some time to respond. at the moment I am doing ctrl+alt+delete and go to task manager an click end process, in this case I should close the software and again it will open. In this case I may lose some work (If i did not save). some times I am closing the software manually and open that. can any one help me Is there any options need to change or system settings etc. below I have given my system configuration. SOftware - vectorworks 2008 My PC config - Asus mother board, Intel core 2 duel CPU E7300 @ 2.66ghz processor, 4GB Ram. Please help me. Thanks, Nagesh
  12. Hi Greece, Thanks for your advice, But I could not find the resource browser from my vector works 2008, I have attached an image file, Can you please guide me where can I find this option.
  13. Hi, I am learning vectorworks from last week. I would like to create my own library parts But I don't know how can we create and use those library parts. and also If some one give library parts where can I maintain these library parts and can use. Can anyone please help me. Thanks, Nagesh
  14. Hi, I am using VW 2008, Can any one please help to find copy with basepoint option. some times I need to copy one object with some base point to another point. Thanks Nagesh
  15. Hi Mike, It's working. I really thanks. I have another Issue. I have changed my own shourtcut tools with the help of workspace editor. I would like to transfer this shortcuts from my Office PC to My home PC. some times I have changed shortcuts. so that I need this type of options. can you please help me. Thanks, Nagesh
  16. Hi Friends, I am new on this site. I don't know how to give dimension text height before starting the dimension command. I know how to modify dimension text height and it's properties, but I don't know how to we give expected options before starting the dimension text. Thanks, Nagesh
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