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  1. Long time, no post... I love Dashed Hidden Line render option. What I really want is to change the line weight (not just color) of the dashed lines. Is there a way to do this? Thanks! VW 2013 Spotlight Mac OXS 10.8
  2. Thanks to all for your helpful input. I like the group A group B distinction. I understood that distinction before, but I didn't know C4D (or any such program) was directly compatible with VW. Sounds like C4D is exactly what I'm looking for. So what is VW for? (This could become a whole other topic) Is VW for creating drafting and basic modeling and rendering only while software like that in Group B is for advanced modeling rendering, but NOT for drafting? Plus those include the whole animation capability...but I notice another comment above mentions that CD4 (and presumably other similar applications) are not as good with precise geometry. o you need to use two separate applications to get beautifully rendered precise models? OK, that's a lot more questions...discuss...
  3. I was just trying to model a table and I realized what I REALLY want: a router tool. A tool that would work like an actual router. You could draw any profile you want and VW would be able to subtract that shape from the edge of the object. You can essentially do this now (with a ton more steps) with an extrude-along-path, and add solids, bla, bla, bla, but I think this tool would be a time-saver and allow you to "router" the edges of more complex shapes. P.S. I agree - it would be great if the Fillet Edge tool worked as it is!
  4. I know that the problems with the 3D fillet tool have been mentioned before, but how about adding a bezier fillet edge tool. Rather than just having an arc fillet I would love to be able to specify two dimensions (like in the 2D chamfer tool) and have VW clip a bezier curve out of the edges of solids.
  5. I was very happy with the results I was getting from Final Renderworks until I started seeing the amazingly photo-realistic images that 3D Studio Max can output. I noticed that the big lack in Renderworks was radiosity and so I started experimenting with VW radiosity (check out my first radiosity model Opticor Booth 1 ) and I have been happy to see more realistic results, but the results are at a much greater render time - which I would definitely expect. I would love to hear from people who have used both VW and 3DS Max for comparison. I know that 3DS Max is also for animation and character work - which I do not need. The benefits of these capabilities for me seem to lie in the ability to create great organic shapes for objects like pillows and rugs (can anyone make a really great soft, wrikley pillow in VW?) I just want the level of realism that 3DS Max produces for models of sets for theatre, trade show design, and interiors. Is it worth learning a whole new application to get these type of results? That's enough from me - share your thoughts!
  6. Clearly this is not the ONLY method - there are several ways to do anything in VW. I just tried using the Viewport method and I can see the huge advantage that VW does not re-render when I export - super time-saver! I am familiar with creating/using Veiwports, but I think the reason I was adverse to this method is the difficulty in editing your 3D view. Please enlighten me if there is a way to edit your viewport view using the standard Visualization tools (Flyover, walkthru, etc.) rather than the Set View dialog from the object info. Preferences on JPEG vs. PNG vs. PDF vs. other image file types? I just read another thread that recommended using PNG because it won't produce artifacts like a JPEG will. I tried exporting both and the PNG is definitely cleaner when I bring it into Photoshop for "post-production." I think that I'm a PNG convert now.
  7. I am wondering what methods folks like to use to export a digital image of their renderings. I typically render in Final Quality Renderworks (I have just begun playing with Radiosity) on my design layer. Once VW is done rendering I will export a JPEG file using the Draw Marquee. I am very pleased with the JPEGs that I get from this method, but the trouble is that VW has to render the whole thing again when it exports the file. When I want multiple views of a model, I have also used Render Bitmap, placed bitmaps on the Sheet Layer and printed PDFs, but I find that the images get pixelated when I print and the file sizes are huge because of the bitmaps. I would love to hear others' methods for getting their final digital images out of VW and the pros and cons of each. Thanks! ~Mark M. Win Xp VW 12.5


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