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  1. Could you add an option to the plant tag class list of the way that columns let you pick the component classes or use the container class? I colour-code a plant attribute (for working, not presentation drawings) so that it's clear whether the plant is existing/proposed/bin/lift etc. I used to use the centre cross but that functionality has gone(just upgraded from 2008) and wasn't ideal anyway as it was too hard to see. I'm currently selecting all plants in a particular class then changing their tags to the same class which works but having VW do it for me would be better.
  2. I'm fairly new to site modelling. I've created a model from stake objects but it's not looking right so I've created a few more stakes by estimating. How do I update the model to include them or do I have to delete the model and start again? The Update button only seems to work when adjusting site modifiers. If I do have to start again, can I save my Site Modifiers or will they be lost too? Thanks, Alison
  3. I use 5 different classes for my plants - going, staying, lifting, replanted and new - and would love to be able to a) colour-code them to show up on planting and clearance plans (techy, not presentation) and b) to list them separately on the report or at least include the class as a field in the schedule. Any suggestions?
  4. A bit belated but did you ever get your problem fixed? I've got the same one with a phantom class I can't find. The off-centre dot is an easy one though. First, it's the graphic off-centre rather than the dot. It's caused by Random Rotation set on which spins the graphic and gets worse if you keep duplicating. Just edit the 2D graphic and re-centre. The cross hairs help but I haven't worked out how to control that yet!
  5. Can I wrap the text of plant names? When I used to do this by hand, I'd write the plant name in the circle. I'm not keen on names out on lines as it's too easy for your eye to jump the tracks and get the wrong name but unless it's possible to wrap the text, it won't fit. Still new to this. VW 2008, Windows XP, HPDj500


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