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Strategies for Adopting BIM in Landscape Architecture


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Landscape architecture firms considering the move from traditional CAD workflows to BIM face a similar dilemma as they did years ago in transitioning to CAD from hand drawing. This presentation will share strategies for your organization to consider when developing a transition plan for BIM implementation. From assessing your firm’s current use of design and modeling software, to meeting BIM collaboration requirements and identifying where support is most needed, we provide a series of questions to ask yourself as you carry out this assessment and determine how to make office-wide changes for BIM integration.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn several strategies landscape architecture firms should consider in developing their own transition plan for BIM implementation.
• Identify how to assess their firm’s existing use of design software to implement CAD and BIM workflows.
• Determine what level of BIM integration makes sense for them based on their assessment.
• Discover the amount of hardware, software, and training support needed for firms to feel confident and ready to take next steps.
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