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  • Apple macOS 12 Monterey Compatibility


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    Apple macOS Monterey Compatibility


    We’ve been working with Apple and their Monterey beta from the day they released news of their upcoming 12.0 version of macOS in June. Our engineers have been working diligently to determine how it would affect the performance of Vectorworks 2021 and Vectorworks 2022. On August 27, 2021, we received the latest Monterey beta and were able to test Vectorworks 2021 SP4 and our upcoming release of Vectorworks 2022 SP0 and verify that most of the previously reported issues have been resolved.


    In accordance with our commitment to quality and performance, see below for the latest updates.


    PLEASE NOTE: Before upgrading your version of Vectorworks, check back here often to get the full scope of Apple macOS Monterey official compatibility — it’s currently only available as betas and will not be publicly available until Fall 2021.


    Open Issues: We have been able to expand testing to our beta testers. The increased testing has revealed the following issues in Vectorworks software. These issues affect Vectorworks 2021 SP4 and the upcoming release of Vectorworks 2022 SP0.


    • Printing and copying patterns on macOS 12 Monterey:
      • Currently, trying to print or copy patterns could cause the pattern colors to be incorrect in the printout or copied objects.  Apple is aware of the issue and should fix it shortly.  You can work around this issue by first exporting as EPSF then printing that file.  Additionally, do not copy objects with patterns between different versions of Vectorworks and instead save a file with the patterned object in the version you intend to use.
    • Save and Open dialogs on macOS 12 Monterey:
      • When trying to save or open a file, the file chooser dialog will open with a large width extending beyond your monitor's edges, and the dialog box cannot be resized down to a proper size. We have addressed the issue for the initial release of Vectorworks 2022 SP0, but the problem is still present in Vectorworks 2021 SP4. We will release a new service pack that contains a fix following the public release of macOS 12 Monterey in Fall 2021.
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