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    Subdivision surface modeling is at the heart of Pixar’s animation form-making capabilities, giving life to their beloved characters by making multi-faceted surfaces appear smoother and more malleable, more organic. This innovative practice isn’t just for animated films; it also opens workflows for designers across the AEC, entertainment, landscape, and other design industries. Subdivision gives you the ability to transform primitive shapes like spheres, cubes, and tori into any form imaginable using tools based on Pixar’s OpenSubdiv technology.

    Subdivision modeling is a method of representing complex curved smooth surfaces by creating a polygonal mesh of the shape and applying further subdivisions of regions of the mesh where required, to better approximate complex curved surfaces. The resulting meshes are then ‘smoothed’ with curves connecting the vertices of the mesh, producing a form with no sharp edges or creases.

    Below you will find a number of tutorials that will introduce the use and function of the Subdivision object and Edit Subdivision tools in Vectorworks: 


    Subdivision-pt4-start (1).vwx

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    A simple question here on tool switching shown  - videos show "Flyover " selection without leaving the "Sub-division edit" . Is this correct ? 

    Something simple I am missing ? 


    For me this does not appear possible - at least . "Flyover" selection takes me out of sub-division edit , and I then have to reselect for edit .

    Perhaps it is simply the speed of reading the video process that flyover appears to be achieveable without leaving edit mode . Would be a nice thing ....


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    • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

    You hold Ctrl or Command down (Windows or Mac) and then press and hold with the middle mouse wheel. This isn't possible on a touchpad or with a mouse that does not have a mousewheel click ability.

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    Thats great - it achieves working inside edit mode - Somehow I have a "Pan " tool with middle mouse but Im sure Ill find the way around . 


    Thanks again for helping with this simple but very necessary tool 

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    • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

    Middle mouse on its own invokes Pan, if you hold ctrl/command in conjunction with it, you should get FLyover functionality instead. No problem!

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