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  • Revision and Issue Data in Worksheets

    PVA - Jim

    Attached is an example file showing how to create worksheets that list Revision and Issue data.

    screen shot 2016-02-09 at 4.18.30 pm.png


    The data for revisions and issues, is not stored like other data attached to objects. For each revision or issue, there is a separate record field. So to list all revisions or issues, you have to create a worksheet will multiple database rows, each set to the needed record fields. 

    In the example file, there are worksheets showing the formulas needed to pull this information. For each issue/revision and new database row is needed. As for the criteria, we suggest limiting the worksheet to a sheet layer and the sheet border object as shown in the example file. For reference, here are the basic formulas needed: 

    =('Issue Data'.'Number-1') 
    =('Issue Data'.'Date-1') 
    =('Issue Data'.'Note-1') 
    =('Issue Data'.'Approved-1') 

    =('Revision Data'.'Date-1') 
    =('Revision Data'.'Description-1') 
    =('Revision Data'.'Zone-1') 
    =('Revision Data'.'Approved-1') 

    To show subsequent issues or revisions, you need to duplicate the database row below the previous row and change the number at the end of the formula. So for 5 issues, you will have 5 database rows, each with the same formulas above, except the number at the end will change to 2, then 3 and so on. 

    Note, that the Revision Number is not stored in the record. You will need to manually enter the number for each row. The =1, =2, =3… formulas were used to create the numbers in the example file. 

    The initial setup of these worksheet will take some time, however after they are created they can be placed into any project to quickly create an Issue or Revision worksheet. Both Issues and Revisions have a limit of 49. However, in most cases you will only need to setup you worksheets for 10 or so issues/revisions. If you have a project with more than 10 issues/revisions, simply add those lines to the worksheet as needed. 



    Issue and Revison Data Worksheets.vwx

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