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    Below are the answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions related to the Vectorworks Forum:


    Q: How do I customize my profile?

    A: On the top right of the forum, you will see your username next to your avatar. Click your name and then select Account Settings:




    From here, under Overview you can set your notification settings and edit your profile via the links on the right: 



    You can add or edit a signature with the Signature link on the left. Just above that, you can request a change to your display name once every few weeks: 



    We recommend you include your version of Vectorworks and other hardware specifications in your signature to make troubleshooting simpler:





    Q: How can I request a new feature, or request that an existing feature be improved?


    A: This is done via the Wishlist subforum. First, make sure to search and see if the wish has already been placed, if it has, you can vote for the feature via the widget at the top left of the original post:



    The Wishlist can be found both on the front page of the Forum as well as HERE. If you do not see the wish or one close enough to what you're looking for, post a new thread in this subforum including the following:


    • What specifically you would like added, removed, or improved. The more specific, the better.
    • Examples where this request would improve your workflow, give you new capabilities or save you time.
    • Examples where this has been implemented well or poorly in other software packages.



    Q: How can I search a specific subforum?

    A: The Search box is located at the top right of all Forum and Knowledgebase pages. When viewing the Knowledgebase, the search will default to only look for Articles. When viewing the Forum, search defaults to searching all subforums and topics. 



    If you click "Advanced Search" you can customize a wide array of search options, however once you select "Topics" to be searched on the left, a list will appear below letting you choose which subforums you wish to search for topics within, you can select one or more subforums to search within:


    58d2a92cd9fdc_ScreenShot2017-03-22at12_40_06PM.png.62e23c69f210d61d5899f352171d3921.png 58d2a92d13791_ScreenShot2017-03-22at12_40_22PM.png.04839cf12bc2203950e969a114c03858.png



    Q: Do I need to create an account to use the whole Forums or Knowledgebase? Is there anything I'm missing by not making an account?

    A: No. You only need to create an account in order to post questions, requests or replies. You are not missing out on viewing any content or discussions by using the Forums or Knowledgebase as a guest.



    Q: How can I post a screenshot from my computer? 

    A: After taking a screenshot, simply drag the image to the grey box below your post or reply, the image will upload and appear:




    After doing this, the attachment will show up as a link on the bottom of your post. However if you want to embed the image in a specific place in your post, simply place the cursor in that location and click the + button at the bottom left of the uploaded image icon:




    To remove an attachment, click the trash can icon on the bottom right instead.



    Q: What are the red and green arrows at the bottom right of everyone's posts?

    A: This is the Reputation system. It's purpose is to acknowledge particularly helpful members of the community. (NOTE: This is NOT the same as the wishlist voting system at the top left of Wishlist posts and reputation points do not affect Wishlist vote counts.)


    If you feel a particular reply or answer was useful to you, or beneficial to the community as a whole, you should rate it up. If you feel the reply was incorrect or otherwise detrimental, you should vote it down. Simply disagreeing with an opinion within a post normally would not be grounds to downvote, only if the information contained within the post was erroneous, fraudulent or otherwise malicious. You can not give reputation on your own posts and so, the arrows will not appear to you for any items you posted.





    Q: Can I customize what I see in the Activity Stream?


    A: Yes. Hover your cursor over "Activity" at the top of the page, then click My Activity Streams > Create New Stream.


    Here you will see a page similar to the Advanced Search interface, where you can pick and choose what items you want to see in the activity stream by default. Once you save a custom stream, you can see it named at the top right of your Activity page, and click it to view the stream with your preferred filters and sort orders:






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    Apologies for bringing this one back to life but i'm looking for the Signature option and it doesn't seem to show in my profile... Any thoughts?


    Many thanks



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