Marisa is correct. When you create a Symbol Instance, it gets its own copy of the attached record with the data that is present at that time. Or maybe it is the Record Defaults, I would have to run some tests to see. Future changes to the record attached to the symbol definition do not change the record(s) attached to the symbol instances.   Your request for a way to do this is good, but also very dangerous for a lot of users. If you intended to change the values in the record on an individual instance but then change the record attached to the symbol definition, how is VW to know which symbol instances need to have the data changed.   I have thought about this a lot and have considered scripting a solution, but have not made the time. The idea would be to select a symbol instance, change the record(s) attached to that instance and then write those values back to the symbol definition. Would this work for you on a Record basis, or would you need to be able to choose on a per field basis? An extension would be to then also write the changed data to either every symbol instance or just selected symbol instances. Or alternatively, a command that will update the instances with the values from the symbol definition.   More details on exactly what you want and I will consider doing something.    
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