I really like the new railing/fence tool. It is a dramatic improvement over the previous tool.   With that said, one thing that could use fixing is the handling of corner posts. If you are using a square post, the tool automatically rotates the corner posts to mediate the angle of the corner, rather than realistically squaring up with either the entering line or the exiting line. This is not a realistic application. For example a fence/railing with square posts that jogs frequently at 90 degrees. The corner posts are all at 45 degrees to the entering/exiting lengths of fence.   Another improvement to this tool would be the option to offset the posts from the panels. Often fences have posts on the inside or outside of panels and not directly centered in the line of the fence. The posts should serve as the center of the fence line, but the paneling should be able to be offset to one side or another. In this case, this should also better support the ability to create top, middle, and bottom rails to support an offset fence panel. Think basic vertical picket solid wood fence.